For most of us vacation travel is really a time to unwind and forget about all else and just focus on having fun being away from home. In as much as they are good for us, vacations present an unprecedented opportunity to eat so unhealthy we often never realize it. Whilst its good to indulge sometimes, it is also equally good and perhaps even more important to ensure that we do not go overboard. Depending on the type of travel you are involved in, traveling to a destination with a different culture often leads to overeating or should I say overindulgence. How is this so, you may wonder. Here is what I have observed.

The thing is different cultures have different cuisine. So when you travel you are rather inclined to try all that’s on offer in that cultural context. Assuming the food is great you are going to want to have lots of it to the best of your capacity since this will be your one and only chance to do so. You can imagine someone traveling to Zimbabwe and discovering the magic in Mazondo (trotters) be it beef or pork. They will probably want to eat pots and pots of it. I have heard of people who go on Maldives holiday trips, for example, and come back x 2 heavier than their initial weight before they boarded the plane. To digress, most Maldives resorts have a very large range of cuisine be it at Bandos or Kurumba or plenty others. There is just so much variety of Asian cuisine which is really tasty. No wonder why people come back rolling!

My recommended approach when traveling regardless of where you are going is to make sure you take in a lot of water and fruits; fresh fruits in this case. If you are traveling to a holiday resort of a good standard you are most likely to have access to a descent gym to burn the extra calories. If not; check if you will be able to jog around your place of residence. That’s the least you can do.

The whole idea is to expend more energy than you are currently consuming during your vacation meals. Taking snacks such as peanuts that easily make you feel full is also a recommended idea of managing your holiday eating. This article should not be viewed as an attempt to dampen your indulgence and make your holiday blunt. It is just an encouragement to balance things out and maintain good overall health whilst also enjoying your vacation.

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