Over the weekend of 09th September 17, I had a fantastic time with some ladies in Ruwa. They called me to come out to Windsor Park and do an exclusive class in a private setting.

We prepared Wraps, Sausage Rolls, Samoosas and Spring rolls. (Everything from scratch). Our backs did hurt from all the standing but it was all worth it as new skills were gained and the outcome was delicious! Below are a few pictures of what went down in Ruwa. (Do pardon the pics, not my usual quality. I didn’t have my camera with me so was using a phone that doesn’t have the best outcome for pics!)

Thanks to the lovely ladies…let’s do it again soon!


Wraps dough balls about to be covered so they rest for a few minutes before proceeding


One of the wraps cooking. Those bubbles are life! If your wrap bubbles like that you’ve nailed it!


The filling for the samoosas getting started. (The peppers where for part of the filling of our wraps)


Group pic,. (I took the pictures so wan’t in this one!!)


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