• Left over Sadza (pap)
  • Water
  • A little mealie-meal (optional)

This, again, is one other thing I learnt from my mum. Back then, microwaves where not as common to most people as they are today. So to warm your munya (the previous night’s pap) you usually had to put a little bit of water in a pot add your munya and let the stove or pamoto do the rest. However, if you’ve ever had munya warmed up this way I know you know how it would be- difficult to put in words but definitely not on! Sometimes it could be a bit crumbly and somewhat “hard”.

So now, thank goodness for technology, microwaves speed up this warming up business and the munya‘s restored to almost its original state. Although sometimes it can have a crusty like layer on top which a lot of Zimbabweans coin “sadza rapfeka mabhachi“. Anyway, enough about the “history of warming up munya“. Let’s get to how you can do it and have your sadza looking, tasting and feeling like it has just been made.

Quick Instructions

  1. Take your left over sadza (pap) and cut it up into rough chunks. Add water which comes up three quarter way of the sadza. Cover pot and bring it to the boil.
  2. As soon as it has boiled and the sadza chunks are tender, use a potato masher to mash it up. Once it is all mashed up, take your mugoti (wooden spoon) and mix which in shona we call kumona sadza. If it seems to thin for you add a little bit of mealie-meal and mix again. Allow the sadza to simmer for about 5 minutes before serving. Enjoy with your favourite relish.

Pictorial Detailed Instructions








Zimbabwe Sadza

Yummy recovered Sadza!


Please note that this will work well for those times when you have left over sadza piling up in lunchboxes in the refrigerator as I had happening, lol :D! Go and ahead and try it out, I’d love to hear how it goes so please remember to leave a comment below. Receive recipe updates by email. Signup here.

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