28: Pan-fried Garlic and Lemon Steak

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Beef is a common relish here in Zimbabwe. It’s usually had as a stew in sadza nenyama (pap and meat) or with rice as a “special” treat. But… Read More »

27: Scrumptious Vanilla cake (made with brown sugar)

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This recipe was handed down to me from my mother when I was 10 years old. Back then I made it together with her and the recipe has… Read More »

26: How to make butter cream icing

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Of all the cake frosting, butter cream is one of the easiest to do. Not forgetting fresh cream frosting or icing which I would say is at the… Read More »

25: How to prepare beef stock

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Stock, also known as broth is an indispensable ingredient for many recipes. It just brings in a certain dimension of flavour to the food, making it tasty. I… Read More »

Served with ice cream!

24: Apple and Carrot pie (served with ice cream)

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Apples are one of my favourite fruits so anything that has apple in it I’m game! This is a fairly simple recipe to follow and the results are… Read More »