Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork with peppers

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Sweet and sour pork is one of those Chinese dishes that many of us Zimbabweans quickly got accustomed to.  In fact, when my husband and I were still… Read More »

Step 1

How to make sweet and sour sauce

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This is mostly an Asian accompaniment which is normally used for dishes such as sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour pork and a few more. It can… Read More »

Maguru (beef tripe) chew

Traditional Maguru stew (tripe)

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Maguru  (tripe) are among Zimbabwe’s top favored traditional foods. They are one of those dishes that you may have fond or maybe not so fond childhood memories of…. Read More »

Tuna filling with Olive oil Seasoning - Zimbabwe cuisine

Tuna filling with Olive oil sizzle

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There are many options to this recipe as you can use Herring instead of Tuna. However, Herring is a more common fish in North America and parts of… Read More »

Good old madora (mopani worms)

Good old Madora, Amacimbi (Mopane worms)

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This is one dish that has been around in Zimbabwe since time immemorial. It is particularly popular in regions of the country with Mopane trees. This is essentially… Read More »