Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich

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Sandwiches are part of our day to day lives, lol! Okay that sounds a bit funny, but I mean it in the sense that almost all of us… Read More »

Tasty Jollof rice originally from Senegal

In Rice, Starches On October 24, 2012 9 Comments

This is a pretty interesting way of preparing rice. I must admit that whilst it was cooking I thought to myself;  “will this taste nice?” But surprisingly so,… Read More »

Coated roast garlic chicken (with a twist)

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Though it is coated, it is a juicy and tasty chicken. I know a lot of people would rather deep fry their coated chicken but am not really… Read More »

Will you love Sugar Beans again?

In Beans, Traditional, Vegetables On October 24, 2012 36 Comments

Many of us know sugar beans from boarding school or even Universities such as our UZ (during the hyper-inflation times). The memories associated with sugar beans from what… Read More »

Pan-fried Garlic and Lemon Steak

In Beef, Meats On October 24, 2012 10 Comments

Beef is a common relish here in Zimbabwe. It’s usually had as a stew in sadza nenyama (pap and meat) or with rice as a “special” treat. But… Read More »