Cooking is a central thing that happens wherever there are people, for the simple reason that people have got to eat! Food is one of the main highlights at any place where there is a gathering of people. Especially here in our Zimbabwean culture. Be it at weddings, funerals, parties or just your usual family meals. It can definitely make or break the event. How food is prepared is important. Just as how it looks and tastes! If it goes down well with your guest, be rest assured to have a happy bunch of people with that memory of the good food you would have prepared stuck in their memories for a long time to come.

So just how do you make this happen? The only way to discover new flavours and combinations of foods is by experimenting with the ingredients. Experimenting when cooking and baking is a little like playing bingo at where you could win some or lose some! It could work pretty well and you win the jackpot or it could go terribly wrong and you as well as those you’re cooking for get disappointed.

It is apparent that some flavours are meant to fuse and create an amazing gusto in your mouth as you eat. And some flavours, well, they are definitely not meant to be mixed together. One of the ways to learn this first hand is by doing it yourself and experiment with this and with that.

I often do this when I am making my dishes. I have had success with plenty and have also had some failures with some dishes, but that is the learning curve. The different food combinations we have today came about because someone dared to experiment! So do not despair when you’ve tried something as it does not work out. Just shake yourself up and try again. You will eventually hit the nail on the head, once, twice and many more times after that. As has been said, “experience is the best teacher”. So the more you experiment, the more you will know what will work well and what won’t.

Happy Cooking and Experimenting!!

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