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Fat Cook

Flourless Banana mini pancakes

This has to be the easiest “pancake” recipe ever! A friend of mine shared this with me and at first I was a bit skeptical to try it out, because I mean, it has no sugar, no flour, no milk, just two ingredients- banana and eggs! The taste was great, […]


Potato and Parsley fritters

If you’re looking for a savoury something to have with your tea or as a snack during the day then these potato and parsley fritters fit the shoe perfectly! They are easy to make and take no time at all in preparing them too. However, if you want something a […]


Not so greasy mafatty (Fat Cook)

Just about every Zimbabwean has had what I call mafatty, which are usually called mafat cook, lol! My mum used to hate that name and she’d rebuke us sharply whenever she heard us say “mafat cook”. She preferred you call them fritters 😀 So in our household growing up, that […]


Crumpets (delicate cousin of mafatty)

My mom used to make these for breakfast when we were growing up. I have named them crumpets – the delicate cousin of mafatty (fat cook) because when you cook them properly and break them in half they should be light, fluffy, and feathery unlike mafatty which tend to be […]