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Pascall ChocTime Chocolate Cupcakes

If you’re a lover of chocolate you will love these cupcakes with a double treat of chocolate, i.e. chocolate inside the cupcakes and as a topping too! You can make these to spoil yourself or your loved one(s). They’ll be great for dessert, as a lunch box idea or just […]


Mixed Berries Yoghurt and Choc Muffins

I loved how these came together. I was initially set out to make orange yoghurt and choc muffins (for some reason I thought I was going to find orange yoghurt but much to my disappointment I couldn’t find it when I was in the supermarket, so had to come up […]


Easy to make Coconut cupcakes

Coconuts are one of my many favored flavors, especially in baked treats. From cakes to cookies and these cupcakes. If you’re into hassle free recipes which produce delicious results then this is one of your best finds, especially if you’re fond of coconut! If you’re not then maybe after trying […]