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Rice Sadza and mushroom stew

Delicious Oyster Mushroom Stew

This is a really simple dish which you can whip up quickly on those days where you want an absolutely hassle free protein side to go with your meatless meal. I used oyster mushroom, but you could use any mushroom of your preference. I served this up with some delicious, […]

Sadza reMhunga served with Beef Short-ribs

Sadza reMhunga & BBQ Beef Short Ribs

This combination will have you or your guests calling out for seconds! Instead of frying the short ribs, you may also braai instead. For the sadza, I used the sand-free and stone-free pearl millet from The Grain Hub. Having it grit free makes the sadza all the more enjoyable, in […]

Sadza reMapfunde served with Oxtail and Veggies

Sadza reMapfunde (Sorghum Sadza)

This is how I make Sadza reMapfunde (Sorghum Sadza) and I am using stone-free, sand-free hupfu from The Grain Hub. It is no secret that over the years many people have grown to dislike small grains Sadza due to the grittiness associated with it. This is due to poor preparation/grinding […]


Delicious Mupunga (Brown Rice) Sadza

If you love traditional brown rice, then you will most certainly enjoy this Sadza from The Grain Hub. It’s basically ground up traditional brown rice which you can then use to prepare the Sadza, yum! The best part of it is that it is also highly nutritional, which is a […]


How to cook Sadza ReMhunga

Mhunga (pearl millet pap) is one of the nutritious traditional small grains we have here in Zimbabwe, and as you may already know, it is highly nutritious. Here’s a quick look at how mhunga (pearl millet) benefits your body when you eat it; Mhunga Health Benefits Mhunga is a very […]


Pearlenta High Fibre Sadza with a touch of margarine

Sadza is one of our staple dishes here in Zimbabwe. We’ve had it in pretty much the same way since time immemorial. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with tweaking or modifying the way we do it either such as I’ve done here. I’ve […]


Mazondo served with sadza reGorosi

Mazondo are a traditional delicacy here in Zimbabwe, enjoyed by both men and women alike. I know most of us don’t want to have the “traditional” recipe of cooking them with just tomatoes and onions messed with. But there’s nothing wrong with tweaking the recipe from time to time and […]

Zimbokitchen Mugayiwa Sadza

Mugaiwa served with Shredded Beef nemuriwo

Sadza remugaiwa, (straight run) is one of the popular mealie-meals in Zimbabwe.  Straight-run mealie-meal is one that has just been milled once and is preferred among those that want to eat healthy as it has more nutrients preserved when compared to the super-refined version. I served it here with some […]

Zimbokitchen_Beef and Kidney Stir-fry

Delish Steak and Kidney Stir-fry

Steak and kidney pie, no, stir-fry! Just about everyone is used to seeing pie at the end of the combination of steak and kidney. Well, we just changed things a little here and made a stir-fry instead and served it with par-boiled rice and white sauce and my oh my.. […]

Sadza reZviyo (Millet)

Traditional Zimbabwean Sadza reZviyo (Millet)

This is one of our traditional starches here in Zimbabwe. It’s actually really nutritious. There are so many health benefits of eating zviyo be it porridge, sadza or anything. Some of these benefits amongst others include helping with weight loss, lowering blood cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar levels especially for […]