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Lunch Box Ideas

Egg Free Banana Cinnamon Loaf

Egg-free Banana Cinnamon Loaf

This is an easy to follow banana cinnamon loaf! In just 5 easy steps you’ll be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour! It’s perfect as an anytime treat with your hot beverage this winter, dessert with custard, or even as a lunchbox idea! The cinnamon powder adds a […]


Addictive Masawu & Peanut Energy Bars

So my family has a thing for energy bars! I decided to do my own homemade version using masawu (a.k.a red date), chocolate, dried peaches and peanuts. They were just delicious, addictive actually! The best thing is that I knew exactly what I had put in them. Go ahead and […]


Chewy, crunchy Oatmeal Coconut cookies

Today’s the first day of our third school term here in Zimbabwe. What to put in the kids’ lunchbox can be a headache! These hi-fibre oatmeal cookies are quite easy to make and don’t need a lot of time in preparation. You can even do them early morning and pack […]


Baked Beef-Chicken-Pork Meatballs

I absolutely loved this combination of meats. It came out just great. The meatballs were delicious and the sauce just took them a notch higher. Do give them a go, I’m pretty sure they’ll be a hit in your kitchen! We’ll get straight into it. BTW…. I took the shots […]


Pascall ChocTime Chocolate Cupcakes

If you’re a lover of chocolate you will love these cupcakes with a double treat of chocolate, i.e. chocolate inside the cupcakes and as a topping too! You can make these to spoil yourself or your loved one(s). They’ll be great for dessert, as a lunch box idea or just […]


Rooibos Chicken Sub

This chicken sub is super easy to make and tastes delicious! I loved the different textures that you experience with every bite- the crunchy bits from the cucumber, the softness from the French stick and the tenderness from the chicken. All this packed with flavor of course. If you’d like […]


5 Minute Pilchards & Veg Sub

Still wondering what to do with your hearty healthy Royal Oceans Pilchards in tomato sauce? Well this here is yet another fantastic, easy to do and tasty recipe to follow. You can enjoy this as your lunch or light supper. It’s again also great for the lunchbox. So if you’re […]

Beef wraps

Shredded Beef & Veggie Wraps

I’m enjoying playing around with different fillings for wraps. If you’re tired of having bread everyday, try breaking the monotony with some wraps. The fillings are limitless, just get your creativity juices flowing. Equipment Wide plate Chopping board Sharp knife Medium sized pot Forks Tablespoon   Instructions Get your ingredients […]


Potato and Carrot Fritters

Everyone welcomes a different yet tasty little something they can enjoy, breaking away from the usual. These potato and carrot fritters are that “little something” you can try out! They are very easy to make a tasty too. You can have these with a cuppa or any other beverage of […]


Pan-Grilled Ham ‘n Tomato Sandwich

Just about everyone enjoys a good sandwich. This here sandwich will be great as a lunchbox idea for school or the office. It will also work for breakfast or a light lunch even. As usual sandwiches don’t take time to prepare so this will be done in 5 min. Resources/Equipment […]


Pan-Grilled Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich

A simple and tasty sandwich that takes 5 min to prepare. I used a griddle pan to achieve the grill marks on the bread. If you don’t have a griddle pan you may still use your normal pan and have a lovely pan-toasted sandwich. Perfect as a light lunch, for […]


Low carb Grilled Tandoori Chicken salad

In the spirit of promoting healthier eating habits, I prepared this low carb grilled chicken salad. This is not to totally omit the carbs (as I put forward that you do need them to have a balanced diet) but to just reduce the quantity you partake daily, weekly, monthly. You […]