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Lunch Box Ideas

Bean Patties

Delectable Bean patties (vegetarian)

These sugar bean patties are just delish! The family loved them. I wonder if these were sometimes made in the boarding schools in place of the usual boiled version if a lot of the people would view sugar beans differently.  I do also like the stewed version, I think it […]


Quick and easy breakfast Chipalata sausage

This type of sausage that I used, the breakfast bacon Chipalata sausage, was actually quite tasty and the great thing about it is that it is all 100% made in Zimbabwe. One of the things that I was most happy about is that unlike some in-house sausages that you find […]


Rock buns (made in 20 minutes)

I hadn’t made these in a very long time, in fact I think I last made them when I was in form 1 or 2 during my food and nutrition classes, LOL. My mom also used to make these for us every now and then. It’s a quick fix for  […]

Boiled Chibage (Mealies)

Good old simple boiled Chibage (Mealies)

Just about every Zimbabwean has fond memories of eating Chibage (mealies) from their childhood all the way up to adulthood! Whether it is just boiled or chakagochwa  (barbecued). It’s quite straight forward how you prepare chibage, no rocket science about it, so let’s get to it. Quick Instructions With your […]

Tuna filling with Olive oil Seasoning - Zimbabwe cuisine

Tuna filling with Olive oil sizzle

There are many options to this recipe as you can use Herring instead of Tuna. However, Herring is a more common fish in North America and parts of Europe than it is in Zimbabwe. As you know Tuna is readily available in most Zimbabwean supermarkets. So this recipe is really […]


Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Sandwiches are part of our day to day lives, lol! Okay that sounds a bit funny, but I mean it in the sense that almost all of us eat a sandwich in one form or the other everyday or every other day. Be it chingwa chine dovi (peanut butter sandwich) […]


Veggie roll

This veggie roll is one of the healthiest things you can eat and it doesn’t take time to prepare.  It’s great to eat in those times when you’re feeling hungry and want a quick snack that is nutritious. My kids love it and you can experiment/ modify it and put […]