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Rustic Pumpkin Pie

I’ve been seeing some pumpkins lately in the supermarkets. This is just one of the many ways you can play around with your pumpkin- turn it into a delicious dessert! The results are fantastic, you’re sure to enjoy! Preparing this took me down memory lane when my mum used to […]


Fun to make stella Sausage in pastry

My kids absolutely loved this quick fix. It works well for adults too as both my husband and I also enjoyed it. I served it as a light lunch. The great thing about it is that it takes just 35 minutes, more or less, to complete both preparation and baking. In […]


How to make puff pastry from scratch

Puff pastry is like pizza dough. It’s the base from which you can have several tasty variations made, from pies to sausage rolls and croissants. This here is how I prepare mine. It however needs a lot of patience and determination.  Ice cold water and keeping the dough cold during preparation […]

Homemade pies

Homemade Meat Pies from scratch

  Meat pies as they are known by many have a nostalgic attachment to them.. from back in the day! There’s nothing as wonderful as having the aroma of freshly baked pies fill up your kitchen. It gets everybody’s taste buds dancing and ready to partake! This here recipe is […]


How to make steak mince pies

These pies are simple to make. What makes them delicious is how you make your filling. If the filling is not tasting nice, be guaranteed that the pie won’t taste nice! These make for a great lunch box idea, a light lunch or  even supper.  As stated in the ingredients, […]

Boerewors Pizza

Boerewors Pizza with a twist

This was fairly “fun” doing. I was a bit nervous, not sure this was going to pan out but I’m glad that it all worked out at the end. It’s a pretty quick and easy recipe and you can most certainly make your own pizza at home. The twist to […]

Enjoy your pie!

Steak and Kidney pie (step-by-step)

Steak and kidney is a good combination of meat and this pie works great for lunch or supper. The smaller versions of this pie reminds of my early high school days. This together with chicken pie topped the list of my favorite pies. It’s a good treat for yourself, your […]