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Sticky BBQ Rack of Ribs

Ribs are always, always a treat! Especially when done right, they will be juicy, falling off the bone, and oh so delicious! That is exactly what this recipe will produce. This time I used BBQ sauce from Mr. Sauce, and the results were fantastic. You can serve this with some […]


Simply Delicious Baked Pork Fillet

This baked pork fillet is nice and juicy, absolutely delicious, and takes very little effort to prepare. You will love it! Don’t let the list of ingredients scare you away! They all come together to create a tasty dish which you’ll keep wanting to go in for more. You can […]


Chisa Nyama Pork Chops

Everyone loves a well flavoured, nicely grilled piece of meat! This is what we have here, using Real Premium Spices‘ Chisa Nyama spice. This recipe is perfect for the day when you want good flavour on your meat, but don’t want to spend too much time prepping the food! All […]

Ginger Pork Nuggets

Gingery Pork Nuggets

These pork nuggets are simply tasty. The flavours are pretty simple but marry together well. You will not be disappointed! You can enjoy them with rice, potatoes or pasta together with vegetables of your preference and some gravy/sauce. If you area pork lover in general, I also suggest this collection […]


Mr Sauce Smokey BBQ Pork Belly

Marinades do so much in food for foodies and non-foodies alike. By food here I mean meat! For most of us the concept of food is not completely right without meat. As for marinades, although many people could associate them with meat, you can make excellent use of marinades in […]

Zimbokitchen Pork Belly and Veggies Dish

Pork Belly Strips and Veggies

What in the world would you do with really good pork belly apart from grilling, braaing or frying it? Here is something a little different but delicious all the same. In this recipe I set out to bring in everyday green veggies – collard greens, rape or tsunga into the […]


Tasty Pork & Carrot Stir-fry

I love it when simple dishes come together in an unexpected way! This here is one such dish. It doesn’t take a lot of effort at all but the outcome was just fantastic. Serve with your preferred starch, from rice, pasta, potatoes and Sadza even, with some gravy or sauce […]


Grilled Orange & Marmalade Pork Belly

This one right here goes out to all the pork lovers, pork belly to be specific! It’s quite simple to do and you only need a few ingredients. P.S- Don’t be alarmed if it looks like it’s a little charred on the sides, it’s due to the sugar from the […]


Pork Bones Recipe from Zimbabwe

I love pork bones!!…who doesn’t? Especially those that have been done so well, that is to say, full of flavour and tender. Yes! bones can be tender too. This is exactly how I did them here and boy did we enjoy ourselves! You are in for a treat. However, the […]


Traditional Pork Trotters Stew II

If you’ve never tried pork trotters for one reason or the other, this here recipe is a must try. Pretty simple and absolutely delish! As usually, second helpings were in order. Enjoy with some Sadza (pap) and your veggies. Resources/Equipment You Will Need Good sized pot Chopping board Sharp knife Teaspoon […]


Pork Trotters with Muriwo weRape

Goes without saying… this is one of my favourite trotters recipe yet. It’s fairly quick  (considering that these are trotters) and flavours are just amazing! Second helping where asked for and plates where wiped clean… that only means one thing- DELICIOUS! If you are pork lover in general, why not […]


Sweet ‘n Sour Spare Ribs

If you’re one who enjoys pork spare ribs then you’ll most certainly love these finger-licking ribs. There’s not much in terms of the preparation and the cooking process. Once they in the oven, you can pretty much sit back, relax and wait for your meal to be ready. You can […]