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Mufushwa weMunyemba unedovi

Mufushwa (dried vegetables) is one of the ways that was used to preserve vegetables for later consumption here in Zimbabwe from time immemorial. I shall be showing you one of the ways I use to prepare mufushwa weMunyemba unedovi (dried Cowpeas leaves in peanut butter). As you may already know, […]

Rice Sadza and mushroom stew

Delicious Oyster Mushroom Stew

This is a really simple dish which you can whip up quickly on those days where you want an absolutely hassle free protein side to go with your meatless meal. I used oyster mushroom, but you could use any mushroom of your preference. I served this up with some delicious, […]


Delectable Lemon ‘n Herb Roasts

Well, so for these dishes here I went all out on the Lemon & Herb marinade by Mr Sauce. Cooking a flavourful meal doesn’t get simpler than this! So if you want to do the bare minimums in your food preps, and put your feet up, this is for you! […]

zimbokitchen creamed spinach with carrot

Creamy Spinach with Carrot (Video)

Join me as we make this fabulous Creamy Spinach with Carrot. Whereas creamy veggies usually just come plain, today I am putting a spin to it with carrot. Yum! This is a super simple dish to make. There is really no need to have your veggies the same regular way […]

mr sauce lemon and herb

Lemon ‘n Herb Roasted Mixed Veggies

It’s a new year, new goals and possibly new diets for some! If one of your goals this year is to eat more vegetables or if you traditionally begin the year by eating vegetables then I’ve got your back. This right here is a simple and flavourful dish that you […]

ZimboKitchen Mr Sauce Beef Burger

Easy Bean Burgers

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Here’s one more thing you can do with the humble sugar beans; turn them into a delicious burger! Yes burger! Sugar beans are a really great source of protein, this is well known. It has been said enough times that variety is the spice of life! One of the […]

ZimboKitchen Green Salad

Green Salad II

😍🥗🥕🥦Green salads are a perfect accompaniment to a lot of meals. If you can, and not doing this already, I recommend running a small garden to keep a steady stream of simple ingredients for these kind of recipes. I have in mind freshly picked tomatoes and lettuce. Healthy and full […]

ZimboKitchen Mushroom Bolognese

Delectable Mushroom Bolognese

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce The trend in recent times for the cause of health, preference or otherwise has been going vegetarian or vegan for some. You may already be in tune with the ‘Meatless Mondays’ trend. Here individuals or families pick a day of the week (in this case Monday) to have a […]

ZimboKitchen Warm Salad with Mustard Dressing

Warm Salad with a Delicious Mustard Dressing

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Good news for some, bad news for others…the temperatures here in Zim are getting lower by the day, mornings and night-time in particular. This only means one thing. Winter is upon us.  Guess what?, I am among the happy ones as this is my favourite time of the year, […]


Baked Sugar Bean Stuffed Butternut

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Today I have a fantastic dish that’s also great for vegetarians or if you’re planning on having a meatless meal. Sugar beans oh sugar beans!  The woes surrounding sugar beans have been a bone of contention for many Zimbos since time immemorial! The root cause has had to do […]