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Zimbabwe muriwo leafy greens

How to Cook Zimbabwe Muriwo – Leafy Greens (Video)

Join me in cooking Muriwo from Zimbabwe. Muriwo means leafy greens in the chiShona (shona) vernacular of Zimbabwe.

Just about always, I prefer to have my greens nice and crispy. Some have thus asked me how to go about doing this.

You can watch the video now or continue reading and watch it later below…

So this video is a tutorial on making your veggies nice & green. Not only do they look nice, you also minimize the loss of nutrients when you cook them this way.

There will be no spices and whatnot added to this dish. Only a tad bit of oil + good old salt for seasoning. That’s all.

Making your veggies look nice is not only in the cooking. Well, you first need to cut them just right and then cook them well too. So in this video I will also show you how I cut my veggies by hand.

In as far as ingredients for this recipe…

On the leafy greens, you can use Covo (Chomolia/Collard greens), Spinach, or Rape (Kale). Enjoy!