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Smokey BBQ Mince & Sausage Stew

Smokey BBQ Mince & Sausage Stew

If you’re looking for a stew that’s hearty, delicious, quick, and easy to make, this is it right here!! I simply love how the Smokey BBQ flavour comes through in this dish, and ties everything together. Although it’s technically a marinade, there are no rules about what you can, or […]


Baked Sugar Bean Stuffed Butternut

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Today I have a fantastic dish that’s also great for vegetarians or if you’re planning on having a meatless meal. Sugar beans oh sugar beans!  The woes surrounding sugar beans have been a bone of contention for many Zimbos since time immemorial! The root cause has had to do […]


Beef Stew with Mbambaira (Sweet Potato)

There are so many different ways in which you can prepare beef stew. We are currently in mbambaira (sweet potato) season. In stead of the usual, of boiling them and eating with a cuppa, how about adding them to your beef stew? Creating a hearty, tasty stew! I like to […]


Kariba Bream Fish Stew

My family usually enjoys my grilled and fried versions of preparing fish. I decided to prepare a stew this time and they loved it. It was so delicate, flaked as you cut through with a fork, knife or spoon, simply enjoyable. The preparation of the fish (removing the scales and […]


Easy-Going Beef Stroganoff

There are so many variations on making beef stroganoff and this right here is mine! It’s super easy to prepare and easy on the pocket too! So if you’ve ever steered clear from making this dish, try this my version, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is and most […]


Chihombiro (Chanterelle) Mushroom Stew

The Chihombiro mushroom, also known as Chanterelle mushroom is a delicacy. It has this fantastic peppery, meaty flavour. Not only is it delicious but also nutritious. Being a mushroom, it’s obviously a very good source of protein. Chihombori is known to contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that promote brain health, […]


Hearty Royco Usavi Mix Beef Stew

#zimbokitchen3dayswithroycousavimix Hearty Royco Usavi Mix Beef Stew. Here goes Day 2 of my test drive…I loved how rich my beef stew looked and tasted with the new flavour filled Royco Usavi Mix beef flavour. The outcome… plates wiped clean. Give it a go. Equipment Medium sized pot Wooden spoon Chopping […]


Comfort Food: Mushroom and Leek soup

This is a really hearty, velvet-y and delicious soup. It will especially hit the spot on a cold or rainy day. What I also love about this soup is that it takes little effort to prepare but the taste is just amazing in your mouth! If you want it to […]