Simply Delicious Baked Pork Fillet


 This baked pork fillet is nice and juicy, absolutely delicious, and takes very little effort to prepare. You will love it! Don’t let the list of ingredients scare you away! They all come together to create a tasty dish which you’ll keep wanting to go in for more. You can […]

Sadza reMapfunde served with Oxtail and Veggies
Sadza, Traditional

Sadza reMapfunde (Sorghum Sadza)


 This is how I make Sadza reMapfunde (Sorghum Sadza) and I am using stone-free, sand-free hupfu from The Grain Hub. It is no secret that over the years many people have grown to dislike small grains Sadza due to the grittiness associated with it. This is due to poor preparation/grinding […]

How to make Eggs and Ham

Fried Eggs with Corned Meat


 Here is a super simple idea for breakfast. If you wish to have your eggs differently, what you have in this recipe is a quick and easy breakfast variation. Furthermore, this is a protein rich dish thanks to the combination of eggs and corned meat. You are going to feel […]

Beef, Brands, Meats, Mr Sauce

Sticky BBQ T-Bone Steak


 It’s been said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! This recipe is exactly that- simple, but produces an absolutely delicious t-bone steak. I used just 5 ingredients – Mr Sauce Mustard, Lemon juice, Sticky BBQ sauce, salt, and garlic. You can either grill this in the oven, fry on the […]

Baking, Brands, The Grain Hub

Zviyo and Custard Rock Buns


 These tea time, any time treats are absolutely delicious! You have got to try them! Don’t get hung of preparing sadza only with Zviyo (Finger Millet). There’s more you can do with it to enjoy this highly nutritious grain, beginning with these rock buns! Make sure you use zviyo that […]

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Tasty Curried Rice


 Rice is one of those ingredients that you can get used to preparing in the same way all the time. Here’s a simple, and quick recipe you can use for that time when you want to spice things up, pun intended! I used Real Premium Spices‘ Mild Curry powder, turmeric, […]

Potatoes, Starches

Delish Roasted Potatoes


 As the name implies, these roasted potatoes are really, really delicious. The great thing about them is that they only need 5 ingredients and that’s it! Furthermore, at only 40 minutes cook time you can easily have these on rotation for weeknight dinners when time is short and you are […]