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Victoria Sandwich Cake

This is a classic cake which I’ve put a little twist to. It’s one of the most simple cakes to prepare and tastes good too. It is typically sandwiched with jam. Here we’ve added a whipped fresh cream layer before sandwiching the cakes. You may also add some strawberries or […]


Oh so moist Banana-Bran Bread

Here’s a quick treat to prepare that you can enjoy with your cuppa or as a dessert with ice-cream/custard. It’s pretty easy to make and absolutely tasty! Equipment Mixing bowl Sieve Measuring cups Measuring spoons Measuring jug Loaf tin Wooden spoon   Do this Get your ingredients together. These include; 190 […]


Bao-nana Bundt Cake

I simply love the banana and baobab fruits combination. There’s just something about it that makes your taste buds dance and want more of it! This cake was a hit. The children, hubby and hubby’s friend loved it!! The best thing about it is that is super easy to make. We’ll […]

Zimbokitchen Chocolate cake

(sponsored) Rustic Pascall Chocolate Mayo Cake

Naked cakes have become popular over the past couple of years. It’s basically a cake that is not completely covered with icing and has a rustic kind of feeling to it. I just love the texture of this naked Pascall choc-mayo cake; so moist and rich. It indeed tastes as good […]

Zimbokitchen simple fruit cake

Utterly Simple Fruit Cake

If you feel like having a baked goodie but dreading the time it takes to make one then this here fruit loaf is for you. It’ll take just 45 min to prepare and bake this. The taste is delicious and does the job whether you have it with a hot cuppa […]


Effortless Caramel Coconut Cake

If you’ve never baked a cake before but are eager to do so, this cake is a good place to start. It’s very easy, it really is a piece of cake! Not to mention how tasty it is. Especially with a hot cuppa or for dessert with ice-cream, yum! You […]

Zimbokitchen Black Forest Cake

How to make Black Forest cake

This is one of my all time favourite cakes and I have no doubt am not alone. In essence, a black forest is simply a chocolate cake with cherry filling and topping if you wish. We obviously shall not forget the fresh cream which brings it all together. Go and […]


Custard and Orange Loaf

Simply delicious is what this cake is. Every bite leaves you craving for another and another and yet another! You have to control yourself otherwise you could eat the whole loaf in one sitting, BY YOURSELF 😀 (that’s how good it is and no exaggeration here!) I served this to […]


Mixed Spice and Pecan Cake (for Dessert)

I love pecan nuts, I especially love them in cake too! I used them in this recipe here as well as in one of my favourite cakes- carrot cake. This cake is best prepared for dessert, on that cold night, serve it with custard and it will just hit the […]


How to make Orange Cake

This Orange Cake was totally delicous and definitely full of flavour. The orange came through and I enjoyed this with my cuppa! It’s pretty simple to prepare and hassle free! Resources/Equipment You Will Need Round baking tin (check my online store if you need one) Sieve Mixing bowl Measuring scale […]


How to make Traditional Fruit Cake

This is the traditional celebration cake- the fruit cake. It’s popular as the Christmas cake and wedding cakes. Of course some of  those who are wedding these days are opting for a more modern and not so traditional option and go for cakes such as the black forest, red velvet, […]