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Chewy, crunchy Oatmeal Coconut cookies

Today’s the first day of our third school term here in Zimbabwe. What to put in the kids’ lunchbox can be a headache! These hi-fibre oatmeal cookies are quite easy to make and don’t need a lot of time in preparation. You can even do them early morning and pack […]


Pascall Mint Chocolate Cookies

Pascall’s mint chocolate is one of my favourite from their range of chocs! My daughters and husband also love it, so these Pascall mint chocolate cookies were a hit. You really have to exercise self-control with these, else you can finish the whole batch by yourself! These will be great […]


(sponsored) Pilchards on Crackers

If you’re into entertaining guests at your place then these little treats will be perfect as appertizers. They super simple to make, take the most minimum of time to prepare (but look like you were at it for a while!) and the taste is lip-smacking. If you’re not so much […]

Zimbokitchen Coconut cookies

Butter-free coconut cookies

This right here is a pretty simple recipe, perfect fr the lunchbox now that schools have been opened again!You can even put them in your own lunchbox for the office too. Preparation time is only 10 minutes and bake time is another 10 minutes, so you can easily prepare them […]

Cocoa Cookies

Cocoa and Coconut Cookies

The first time I tried these cookies they didn’t quite come out the way I was expecting. As we all know when in the kitchen, sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. However, I refused to be defeated and a week later I’ve tried these again, made some tweaks […]


Butterscotch biscuits

If you have been with me for a bit, by now you’ll know that I love me my biscuits/cookies and all those baked goodies to have with my cuppa! These here butterscotch biscuits are just as good. Every bite is absolutely delish and the great thing is that they don’t […]

Oatmeal cookies

Effortless Oatmeal Cookies

Now as I said when I was making the vanilla cookies, I love love love biscuits!! Especially at night when I want to have my late night cuppa! These cookies/ biscuits were just delicious, my family and I thoroughly enjoyed them and they were gone in 10 minutes after they […]


Easy to make Meringue cookies

These are pretty easy to do and taste good too! They’re kinda like marshmallows yet not as soft as marshmallows but not hard either as they just melt in your mouth, yum! The preparation itself doesn’t take time at all. It’s the baking process which may take a little time […]

Vanilla cookies

Easy to make Vanilla cookies

I love biscuits! Especially with a cuppa as a late night snack… yep…LATE NIGHT snack!!! And no, I don’t really worry about calories or weight gain… can’t seem to gain any! Nothing beats fresh, out of the oven, home-made biscuits or as they like to call them in the States- […]