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Delish Roasted Potatoes

As the name implies, these roasted potatoes are really, really delicious. The great thing about them is that they only need 5 ingredients and that’s it! Furthermore, at only 40 minutes cook time you can easily have these on rotation for weeknight dinners when time is short and you are […]

Mashed Potato

Sour Cream ‘n Chives Mashed Potatoes

Winter time calls for comfort food, and one of my all time favourite comfort foods is mashed potato. These mashed potatoes are absolutely delicious, and hit the spot! I used Real Premium Spices’ Sour Cream and Chives and the flavour came through well…. yum! Serve this with your favourite stew, […]

zimbokitchen miri-piri potato wedges

Miri Piri Roasted Potato Wedges

These roasted potatoes are absolutely delicious! Running out of ideas on how else you can do potatoes is not an option! There are just so many ways you can enjoy them and this here is one of them. Simple, but oh so tasty! This time around I decided to use […]

zimbokitchen miri-piri roast potatoes

Miri Piri Roasted Potato Wedges (Video)

This recipe made roasted potato wedges very popular in my house! It is time for you to also try it. Join me as I make this absolutely scrumptious potato wedges recipe. It is super simple to make but the results are simply outrageously tasty. All you need to do is […]


Simple Crinkle-cut Roast Potatoes

These here are simple and super tasty. That’s the truth. Who could resist how they’re soft on the inside and a little crispy on the outside? If you can find them, try to use waxy variety of potatoes for this recipe. However, all-purpose potatoes types will also work. While these […]


#onthemenuthisholiday Pilchards and Potato Salad

Here’s another super simple and super tasty salad you can have on your menu this holiday. My family absolutely enjoyed it. It’s best served lukewarm than cold. This salad can work great as a starter or even an accompaniment to the main. Give it a go in preps for your […]


Royco Beef Flavoured Roast Potatoes

Potatoes are fantastic! You can never run out of ideas of what to do with them. This here is a simple, economic and delicious variation. You’ll need 6 ingredients for this dish and you’re good to go. The new Royco Usavi Mix beef flavour worked so well to season these […]


(sponsored) 25 minute Pilchards Fish cakes

My family absolutely loved these! Second helpings were in order, I in fact had to restrain the children from a third helping as I was sure they were full after seconds! They later confessed I was right, “the food was just too yummy”! This time I used Royal Ocean’s Pilchards […]

Zimbokitchen potatoes

Mild Curry ‘n Herb Roast Potatoes

There is yet one more way to prepare your potatoes. These here mild curry and herb roast potatoes are a great variation. I made them mild so my kids could also enjoy! If you want them hot you can add more curry powder! You can serve them with your preferred […]

Zimbokitchen_Beef and Kidney Stir-fry

Delish Steak and Kidney Stir-fry

Steak and kidney pie, no, stir-fry! Just about everyone is used to seeing pie at the end of the combination of steak and kidney. Well, we just changed things a little here and made a stir-fry instead and served it with par-boiled rice and white sauce and my oh my.. […]


Thyme and Garlic Roasted Baby Potatoes

Baby potatoes are fabulous!! They are especially perfect for that day when you don’t feel like standing much in the kitchen and want a quick and tasty meal. Baby potatoes also called new potatoes can be of any potato variety such as White potatoes or Red potatoes. Preparation of these […]