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Finger Foods

How to make Sticky Wingz (Video)

Follow this simple method to make scrumptious homemade sticky wings. So this is how it goes…we start by preparing the chicken wings and shallow frying them in oil (I am not too big a fan of deep frying, although I deep fry sometimes). We then take the things to the […]


Baked Beef-Chicken-Pork Meatballs

I absolutely loved this combination of meats. It came out just great. The meatballs were delicious and the sauce just took them a notch higher. Do give them a go, I’m pretty sure they’ll be a hit in your kitchen! We’ll get straight into it. BTW…. I took the shots […]


Honey & Soy Chicken Wings

I had a great time preparing these because I knew the flavours would marry well and the results would be fantastic! Have you ever had a hunch (when preparing something) that it would be awesome? Well, that’s how I felt when I was working on these wings. As usual, they […]


Pilchards stuffed Tomatoes

My three girls and their daddy loved these pilchards stuffed tomatoes. They were gone in minutes! The great thing about them is that they hardly take any time to prepare. You can serve them as appetizers or as a side with your meal. You could also serve them baked or […]


Tomato and Pilchards Salsa

I enjoyed making this tomato and pilchards salsa! Who would have ever thought that that combo wold work great as a salsa?! Everyone who took a bite of it enjoyed it. It was all consumed to the last bit. You can serve this as an appetizer or enjoy it as […]


(sponsored) Pilchards on Crackers

If you’re into entertaining guests at your place then these little treats will be perfect as appertizers. They super simple to make, take the most minimum of time to prepare (but look like you were at it for a while!) and the taste is lip-smacking. If you’re not so much […]


How To Make a Snack Platter

Here is how to make a snack platter. Give your best to your visitors and with a lasting impression on top using a snack platter as an appetizer. This platter has meat balls, cocktail sausage rolls, chicken mayo sandwiches and vegetable samoosas. Here’s a quick guide on how to do […]

Mini fruit Kebab

Mini fruit Kebab (made in 8 minutes)

These will do well for a kid’s party or as a starter before your main meal. You can also have it even as a snack during the day. The reason why I prefer having fruits as a starter, that is before a meal, is because ideally fruits are to be […]

Meat balls

20 minute Meat balls

Meat balls are tasty, especially those that are made with flavor such as the ones in this recipe. The two important things to keep them together and not break apart when frying are the egg and refrigerating them after you have formed the meat ball. You can have these at […]

Tuna filling with Olive oil Seasoning - Zimbabwe cuisine

Tuna filling with Olive oil sizzle

There are many options to this recipe as you can use Herring instead of Tuna. However, Herring is a more common fish in North America and parts of Europe than it is in Zimbabwe. As you know Tuna is readily available in most Zimbabwean supermarkets. So this recipe is really […]