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ZimboKitchen Mr Sauce Beef Burger

Easy Bean Burgers

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Here’s one more thing you can do with the humble sugar beans; turn them into a delicious burger! Yes burger! Sugar beans are a really great source of protein, this is well known. It has been said enough times that variety is the spice of life! One of the […]


Baked Sugar Bean Stuffed Butternut

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Today I have a fantastic dish that’s also great for vegetarians or if you’re planning on having a meatless meal. Sugar beans oh sugar beans!  The woes surrounding sugar beans have been a bone of contention for many Zimbos since time immemorial! The root cause has had to do […]


Nyemba Stew (Cowpeas)

Nyemba (cowpeas) are one  of our indigenous foods. They’re very nutritious and among other things can help with the management of diabetes, weight loss, a clean and healthy digestive system as well as detoxifying the body. There are so many different ways in which to prepare nyemba other than putting […]


How to make Baked Beans at Home

I was in one of the supermarkets the other day and as I was passing the dried beans section, something I hadn’t seen in a while was caught in the corner of my eye! Haricot beans!!!! I remembered them from my childhood when my mum used to make homemade baked […]


Baked Sugar Beans with Borewors

One should never run out of options when it comes to preparing sugar beans. Growing up, I learnt that what makes or breaks your final sugar bean cooked product is your “stew”/ sauce. If you nail this then you’re guaranteed to enjoyed your beans. Here’s just one of the ways […]


Sugar Beans with a hint of sweetness

I personally love sugar beans. This is probably because my mum used to prepare them in a delicious way and also because I was never a boarder! A lot of us  Zimbabweans have memories of sugar beans from boarding school or University. None of them, for the most part, are […]

Mean been balls

Mean Sugar Bean-balls (vegan)

On again with the experimenting 🙂 So I bought some sugar beans which I intended to make my lovely bean stew with. Then whilst I was doing the dishes before preparing the beans, a thought just hit me; “what if I could make bean balls (as in meatballs but made […]

Bean Patties

Delectable Bean patties (vegetarian)

These sugar bean patties are just delish! The family loved them. I wonder if these were sometimes made in the boarding schools in place of the usual boiled version if a lot of the people would view sugar beans differently.  I do also like the stewed version, I think it […]


Will you love Sugar Beans again?

Many of us know sugar beans from boarding schools or even Universities such as our UZ (during the hyper-inflation times). The memories associated with sugar beans from what I gather are not such pleasant ones. I never got the chance to be a border although I really wanted to become […]