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Mhandire Snack (toasted corn and groundnuts)

This is a very popular snack here in Zimbabwe, especially after nguva yekukohwa (harvest season). It’s common both in the rural and urban areas. There’s nothing much to the preparation though! It’s pretty simple. I know some usually soak the chibage (corn) overnight, but I soaked mine over some days […]


Sweet Chilli Lemon Amacimbi (Mopane worms)

Amacimbi, a.k.a madora, a.k.a mopane worms are one of our traditional delicacies here in Zimbabwe. There are several ways to prepare them and here’s a modernized twist I’ve given to them. I especially loved how the lemon heightens the flavour in the dish.You can enjoy them as a snack on […]

Zimbokitchen Blackberry

10 Minute Blackberry Punch

Punch is one of those homemade beverages that you find at a party, a bridal shower, baby welcome or for no reason at all and you just want to treat the family or yourself! It could seem so daunting to prepare it but as you shall see below when we […]


Mutakura (Boiled Corn and Peanuts)

Mutakura is one of the many snacks Zimbabweans enjoy to eat. It’s been a while since I did Mutakura on this blog.  There are different versions of mutakura, some that have nyemba (cow peas) nyimo (black-eyed peas), nuts and corn. These ingredients can be played around with to come up […]


How to make Mahewu (Finger Millet Malt Drink)

This is one of the things that have been around for decades! I vaguely remember having this as a child, probably only once or so, not my personal favourite, but I know many other people who enjoy this nutritious and refreshing beverage. I paid my grandmother a visit and she […]


How to prepare Manhuchu (Samp)

I remember eating samp (Manhuchu) in my childhood days. Before preparing it today I actually hadn’t eaten it in over 2 decades!! So as you probably can imagine, cooking and eating them took me down memory lane in a special way 🙂 Now samp can be classified in the whole […]


Maputi aneNzungu (Roasted mealie pips and peanuts)

Now this is definitely one of our all time favorite traditional Zimbabwean snack. Generally this snack used to be done with people sitting around the fire, enjoying each other’s company. The two ingredients would be roasted mugango (a specialized heavy base roasting pan suitable for this as well as plain salted […]

Corn and Cheese Fritters

Corn and Cheese Fritters

If you love sweetcorn and cheese you will most certainly enjoy these fritters. They are actually quite feeling too. Without saying much, let’s get right to it. Quick Instructions Get your eggs (2 eggs, lightly beaten), sweetcorn(1/2 can tinned sweetcorn, drained or fresh (about 150g) ) , flour (3/4 cup […]

Chocolate coated candied Orange peel

Chocolate coated candied Orange peel

These are pretty awesome. They taste like some candied-citrus chocolates my mum used to buy when we were growing up. I just can’t remember the name of those chocs!! I know at first the idea of eating orange peels is certainly one that you wouldn’t entertain as they have a […]

Boiled shelled peanuts

Boiled shelled peanuts (Nzungu dzakabikwa)

Nzungu (peanuts) is a favorite pastime snack for many Zimbabweans. I am told that Nzungu was actually introduced to Zimbabwe by the Portuguese through Mozambique in the early days of the Portuguese settlers. All that history am sure is recorded somewhere. Today many households use peanuts as a snack (apart […]

Oven grilled Chibage (mealies)

Oven grilled Chibage (mealies)

This oven grilled version is a variation of Chibage chakagochwa (barbecued mealies). Many of us Zimbabweans are used to the latter version, chepamoto (roasted using red hot log charcoal). However, if perhaps one does not like the smoked smell and taste on their Chigabe as often happens with chepamoto or you […]