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ZimboKitchen Green Salad

Green Salad II

😍🥗🥕🥦Green salads are a perfect accompaniment to a lot of meals. If you can, and not doing this already, I recommend running a small garden to keep a steady stream of simple ingredients for these kind of recipes. I have in mind freshly picked tomatoes and lettuce. Healthy and full […]

ZimboKitchen Warm Salad with Mustard Dressing

Warm Salad with a Delicious Mustard Dressing

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Good news for some, bad news for others…the temperatures here in Zim are getting lower by the day, mornings and night-time in particular. This only means one thing. Winter is upon us.  Guess what?, I am among the happy ones as this is my favourite time of the year, […]


#onthemenuthisholiday Pilchards and Potato Salad

Here’s another super simple and super tasty salad you can have on your menu this holiday. My family absolutely enjoyed it. It’s best served lukewarm than cold. This salad can work great as a starter or even an accompaniment to the main. Give it a go in preps for your […]


Pilchards Heart Healthy Salad

As is the case with most fish, pilchards fish are a good food choice for the excellent health of your heart. That is because they contain essential oils and minerals that are great for your heart. Combining them here with the lettuce and other vegetables such as freshly picked tomatoes […]


Chicken and Beetroot Salad

I love chicken, I love beets (they remind me of my childhood when my mum would prepare her yummy beetroot salad for us), I love cashew nuts, I love my greens! Combining these into one meal made my taste buds dance! It’s a very simple, nutritious salad which you can enjoy on […]


Chicken, Apple and Pecan Salad

If you’re looking for something lean, something light, something quick then this here salad is your baby! My family and I enjoyed the flavours and just how refreshing it was. You can have this as is for a light lunch or supper. You could also serve this salad with roast […]


Low carb Grilled Tandoori Chicken salad

In the spirit of promoting healthier eating habits, I prepared this low carb grilled chicken salad. This is not to totally omit the carbs (as I put forward that you do need them to have a balanced diet) but to just reduce the quantity you partake daily, weekly, monthly. You […]


Mama-Mia Ox Tongue Salad with Croutons

The ox tongue is one of those offals that many might dread preparing for one reason or another. If it’s the know-how that’s causing you to be apprehensive towards it, here’s a simple-to-do recipe that will be a winner all the time. The trick here is to let it simmer […]


Lettuce, Bacon and Mushroom Salad

I enjoy salads. They add colour to your plate which is good for the visual appeal. They also provide our bodies with the much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This salad is quite easy to make. You may substitute the bacon for tender steak strips which are cooked of course. […]


Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

I really enjoyed this salad. It had a refreshing touch to it coming from the tomatoes and the mozzarella with onions and basil complemented the whole dish so well. You can serve this with your preferred starch, save for Sadza of course! It will also work well as a side […]


Green Salad with a twist

I enjoy making salads. They are simply the nutritious, enjoying nature at it’s best. They also do not require a lot of labour to prepare! So there should be no excuse. My girls love their veggies and that means salads too so that makes me a happy mummy! Okay, to […]


Warm Lettuce and Baby Marrow Salad

Salads are one of the easiest things to do. It’s just a matter of bringing the ingredients together, dicing, chopping and combining gently. You may or may not add salad dressing/cream, it really depends on what tickles your fancy. This here salad was one of my experiments. I just looked […]