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Fresh crispy Lettuce salad

Salads are one of the easiest things to prepare. The key, however, is to have fresh ingredients. Remove that and you’ll be highly compromising the outcome. This here salad is one of my favourite. Pretty simple and tasty! It’s so easy to do you can quickly whip it up on […]


Garlic and Vinegar salad dressing

This salad dressing is guaranteed to give your salad a delicious touch to it. The great thing is that it can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated for up to 4 days. You will need to keep it in a closed bottle in the fridge. There’s really nothing to […]


Potato salad with Mbambaira (sweet potato) and bacon

I personally enjoyed eating this potato salad! Combining the ordinary potatoes with sweet potatoes (mbambaira) had an interesting mix to it. The bacon just tied everything together resulting in a wonderful dish! It’s pretty simple and straight forward. If you want to carry this salad to work, you can do […]

Egg salad

Protein overload Egg salad

This egg salad is totally delicious. I named it protein over-load egg salad because it is definitely high in protein. You’re getting protein from the eggs, cheese and corned meat. So be rest assured that eating this will help in keeping you feeling satiated. Let’s get to it. If you […]


Rice salad with Lime dressing (vegan)

This may sound awkward to some, but you can most certainly turn your rice into a salad. Just toss in a few more ingredients and a delicious dressing and there you have it. For this you will need rice that is cooked already and you can learn how to cook […]

Lime salad dressing

How to make Lime salad dressing

This is a very simple salad dressing and it’s not as high in fat and cholesterol like many other salad dressings. It gives a lovely flavour to your salad, you’ll go for seconds! You can store this dressing in a bottle in your refrigerator for not more than 5 days. […]

Carrot and Apple salad

Carrot and Apple salad

Now this salad is simple and straight forward, if you could, you would even prepare it with your eyes closed! It’s also great as an anytime of the day snack and perfect to include in the meal plan of those watching their weight. You can also make this a lunch […]

Fruity Coleslaw salad

Fruity Coleslaw salad

This was another moment of inspiration that just struck me. I thought, well coleslaw is one popular salad for most Zimbabweans and it is made in the same old way (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why not make it a little bit different, but tasty too). You […]