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Sadza reMapfunde served with Oxtail and Veggies

Sadza reMapfunde (Sorghum Sadza)

This is how I make Sadza reMapfunde (Sorghum Sadza) and I am using stone-free, sand-free hupfu from The Grain Hub. It is no secret that over the years many people have grown to dislike small grains Sadza due to the grittiness associated with it. This is due to poor preparation/grinding […]

muriwo unedovi zimbokitchen

Peanut Butter Leafy Greens (Video)

Join me as we make this very popular yet super simple dish out of Zimbabwe – Muriwo uneDovi – Peanut Butter (PB) Leafy Greens. This is a filling dish which is traditionally served with Sadza as the main accompaniment. It is a relatively cheap dish to make too, which makes […]

ZimboKitchen Chicken Gizzards Stirfry

Scrumptious Chicken Gizzards

It is an open secret that chicken gizzards, a.k.a. zvikanganwa hama, remain among to delicacies around Zimbabwe in popularity. They are usually enjoyed just fried or stewed. In this recipe let’s turn them into a scrumptious simple stir-fry, shall we? Yum!

Sorghum Pancakes

How to make Sorghum Pancakes (Video)

These sorghum pancakes are absolutely delicious. You will not need to take my word for it. Grab the few ingredients required in this recipe and try it yourself. The pancakes are going to make for a breakfast with a difference. In the video we do everything from scratch producing enough […]


Mbambaira, Sweet Potato Stew (Video)

Sweet Potato, commonly known as Mbambaira or Mabura in Zimbabwe is a powerful & nutritious source of carbs many people around the country. Sweet potato is available in Zimbabwe all year round although it has high season and low season. This tuber just tastes so good whether it is boiled […]

Goat me ZimboKitchen way

Simple Pan Fried Goat Meat

It is well known that when it comes to goat meat it’s a mixed bag. People like it, dislike it and are indifferent about it! There are reasons for this. For some people it’s about the guff that goat meat produces when it’s being prepared. Yet for others its about […]

ZimboKitchen n Mr Sauce Madora

Scrumptious BBQ Mopane Worms, Madora, Amacimbi

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Now this is a delicacy for many Zimbabweans. There are those that absolutely love them, those that are too afraid to try them, those that don’t like them and those that are somewhere in the middle of it all! I fall in the latter group, lol. I enjoy these […]


Mazondo…Delicious Zondo (Cow Heels)

Mazondo, cow heels, are one of the favourite meals among us Zimbabweans, both men and women alike, though I think mostly men! My husband loved this meal, served with Sadza and leafy greens. I know there’s a lot of controversy on how these ought to be prepared but I also […]


Nyemba Stew (Cowpeas)

Nyemba (cowpeas) are one  of our indigenous foods. They’re very nutritious and among other things can help with the management of diabetes, weight loss, a clean and healthy digestive system as well as detoxifying the body. There are so many different ways in which to prepare nyemba other than putting […]


Absolutely scrumptious matumbu!

Offals are among the favourite meats in Zimbabwe. Extra care however needs to be taken in preparing them. If prepared the wrong way you won’t want to see them again! This recipe will leave you wanting more!! I used to despise them but after going at them alone, preparing them the way I wanted, as I did […]