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Goat me ZimboKitchen way

Simple Pan Fried Goat Meat

It is well known that when it comes to goat meat it’s a mixed bag. People like it, dislike it and are indifferent about it! There are reasons for this. For some people it’s about the guff that goat meat produces when it’s being prepared. Yet for others its about […]

Zimbabwe Sadza served with goat meat

Rosemary and Bay Leaf Goat meat served with Sadza

This here is one of our Zimbabwean traditional meals with a slight twist of course! The twist was in the preparation of the goat meat. Everyone enjoyed their meal and licked the plates clean! It’s quite an easy recipe, with fantastic results. Let’s get to it. Equipment needed Medium sized pot […]


Mild Goat Curry with Rosemary

If you’re not a fan of spicy or hot foods, do not fear! This right here is a mild curry. You could even reduce the quantities of the spices to make it even less mild! You can enjoy this goat curry with your preferred starch which may be rice, sadza, […]


Sticky BBQ Goat Meat

Goat meat is popular in our Zimbabwean cuisine. It would be slaughter together with chickens and or a cow during gatherings such as parties, weddings and sometimes funerals. The usual way to prepare this would be stewing it. I decided to play around with it and make something different. It […]


Nyama yeMbudzi (Goat Meat) Stew

Goat meat is one of the popular traditional meats in our Zimbabwean cuisine. You prepare it in pretty much the same way that you would beef. However, I usually prefer boiling it with some garlic, lemon and a bit of vinegar for flavour as well as to prevent the not […]