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Easy Mince & Vegetable Stew


 This right here is a lovely, delicious, super quick mince recipe that you can whip up mid-week, or even during the weekend if you like. It’s an all-in-one meat and vegetable dish, a great way to sneak in those vegetables for picky eaters. All you will need is to prepare […]

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How to cook Sadza ReMhunga


 Mhunga (pearl millet pap) is one of the nutritious traditional small grains we have here in Zimbabwe, and as you may already know, it is highly nutritious. Here’s a quick look at how mhunga (pearl millet) benefits your body when you eat it; Mhunga Health Benefits Mhunga is a very […]

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Vanilla Sorghum Muffins


 If you’re looking for another way to enjoy sorghum meal (mapfunde), look no further! Sometimes it’s so easy to get hung on using sorghum meal (hupfu hwemapfunde) for just Sadza. There are other ways in which you can enjoy it. These vanilla sorghum muffins are a perfect example. For them […]

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Baked BBQ Sauce Chicken Thighs


 These chicken thighs are sooo delicious, full of flavour, and nice and juicy! All you need to do is marinate them for a minimum of 1 hr., to overnight (for more flavour to seep into the meat). After the marinating time, bake them in the oven. When they are just […]

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Chisa Nyama Pork Chops


 Everyone loves a well flavoured, nicely grilled piece of meat! This is what we have here, using Real Premium Spices‘ Chisa Nyama spice. This recipe is perfect for the day when you want good flavour on your meat, but don’t want to spend too much time prepping the food! All […]