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Mazondo served with sadza reGorosi

Mazondo are a traditional delicacy here in Zimbabwe, enjoyed by both men and women alike. I know most of us don’t want to have the “traditional” recipe of cooking them with just tomatoes and onions messed with. But there’s nothing wrong with tweaking the recipe from time to time and […]


Simple Mushroom and Pepper Fried Rice

Since my hubby enjoys growing mushroom at home, we have quite a bit of it so I have to come up with different ways of preparing it so that it doesn’t become monotonous. I quite like stepping up to the challenge and my family is always eager to see what […]


Delicious, Easy Creamy Chicken Pasta

This one right here can be a “treat yourself” meal if you’re watching the calories you’re taking in. It’s one of my family’s favourite meals, especially the children!! It’s absolutely delicious and dead easy to make. Nothing complicated about it at all. You may also check out pasta recipes with […]


Pork Bones Recipe from Zimbabwe

I love pork bones!!…who doesn’t? Especially those that have been done so well, that is to say, full of flavour and tender. Yes! bones can be tender too. This is exactly how I did them here and boy did we enjoy ourselves! You are in for a treat. However, the […]

Chicken wors and Vegetable Fried Rice

“Chicken wors” and Vegetable Fried Rice

So I bumped into a new product as I was doing my shopping – chicken wors! We’re all accustomed to Borewors (beef sausage), but this is Chicken wors, as the name implies, chicken sausage. My family and I were pleasantly surprised… it tasted quite good. I decided to make some […]


Chihombiro (Chanterelle) Mushroom Stew

The Chihombiro mushroom, also known as Chanterelle mushroom is a delicacy. It has this fantastic peppery, meaty flavour. Not only is it delicious but also nutritious. Being a mushroom, it’s obviously a very good source of protein. Chihombori is known to contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that promote brain health, […]


Nhedzi Mushroom & Green Beans Stir-fry

It’s summertime here in Zimbabwe and you’ll find a lot of wild mushroom sprouting. A lot of people, including myself are very cautious when it comes to purchasing these. For the obvious reason that some wild mushrooms are poisonous. This variety that I’ve prepared today is absolutely safe and edible. […]


How to make Baked Beans at Home

I was in one of the supermarkets the other day and as I was passing the dried beans section, something I hadn’t seen in a while was caught in the corner of my eye! Haricot beans!!!! I remembered them from my childhood when my mum used to make homemade baked […]


#onthemenuthisholiday Pilchards and Potato Salad

Here’s another super simple and super tasty salad you can have on your menu this holiday. My family absolutely enjoyed it. It’s best served lukewarm than cold. This salad can work great as a starter or even an accompaniment to the main. Give it a go in preps for your […]


Pilchards Heart Healthy Salad

As is the case with most fish, pilchards fish are a good food choice for the excellent health of your heart. That is because they contain essential oils and minerals that are great for your heart. Combining them here with the lettuce and other vegetables such as freshly picked tomatoes […]

Zimbokitchen Mugayiwa Sadza

Mugaiwa served with Shredded Beef nemuriwo

Sadza remugaiwa, (straight run) is one of the popular mealie-meals in Zimbabwe.  Straight-run mealie-meal is one that has just been milled once and is preferred among those that want to eat healthy as it has more nutrients preserved when compared to the super-refined version. I served it here with some […]