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Muriwo weRape in white sauce

Muriwo we rape has to be one of my favorite leafy green vegetables from childhood. In fact, when you’re a child you’re quite fussy and picky over what you want to eat and some foods have to get an acquired taste. I remember peas,  spinach and oh, these dumplings that […]


Will you love Sugar Beans again?

Many of us know sugar beans from boarding schools or even Universities such as our UZ (during the hyper-inflation times). The memories associated with sugar beans from what I gather are not such pleasant ones. I never got the chance to be a border although I really wanted to become […]


Fried steak mince neMuriwo (Veggies)

Most of us in Zimbabwe grew up eating muriwo (veggies) in one form or another. In fact, the generality of households in Zim have backyard gardens with some form of veggies taking sprout at any given time. It is interesting that the concept of backyard gardens albeit with an organic […]

Crispy fried collard greens

How to prepare muriwo weRape and having it crisp

This is one of my favorite green leafy vegetables. I believe it’s important not to overcook food more so vegetables because not only would the food become bland but you will also lose the nutritional value you are supposed to get from that food. This is why I prefer cooking […]