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ZimboKitcen fried buttom mushroom

Fried Button Mushroom

Usually, it is the case that button mushroom is used in recipes in the context of mushroom sauce. The goal here was to come up with some other viable approach to preparing button mushroom and hopefully give anyone interested a break from the regular button mushroom sauce. In just 15 […]

Zimbokitchen Mushroom Mustard Greens Mix

Mushroom Mustard Greens Mix

Raise your hand if you don’t do tsunga. Why? Tsunga is also know as mustard greens, one of the popular leafy greens here in Zim. We typically enjoy it mixed with peanut butter or as boiled veggies mixed with cooked tomatoes and onions. This is exactly what made me look […]

ZimboKitchen Mixed Roasted Veggies

Simple Mixed Roasted Veggies

Here’s one of my favourite ways of preparing vegetables. I absolutely love love love it! I would say this is an any-day dish; mid-week, end-of week, weekend it’s so simple and needs little attention, it won’t matter. I try to do this dish as often as I possibly could. All […]


Roasted Sausage and Veg

Sausage is one of those meats which are so easy to prepare in the same way ever so often. I have here  another simply way you can prepare it.  You can serve this with some rice, pasta or potatoes with some gravy or sauce.   Do This Get your ingredients […]


How to make Vegetable Stock (step by step)

Stock is liquid gold in cooking! It adds  depth of flavour to your dishes. In my opinion, which guides my approach, homemade stock is by far much better than shop bought stock cubes. This is by no means to say stock cubes aren’t any good; but hey homemade stock is […]


Mushroom Okra Derere Stir-Fry

Here I was, facing what almost every single one of us face everyday- the dilemma of what to cook for supper! Well, I looked at what I had in the fridge and spotted the oyster mushroom and the okra and I thought hey.. I could make a fabulous side dish […]


Chinese Cabbage & Carrot Stir-Fry

There’s a lot of Chinese cabbage in supermarkets these days. This right here is a very simple recipe and tasty too! You can serve it with a protein of your choice and some starch and gravy if you like. Go ahead and give it a go and let me know […]


How to cook Mutsine (Blackjack leaves)

Growing up, my mum made tsine (blackjack leaves) for my siblings and I. Being kids, we used to despise it! Despite her telling us how healthy it is. I guess the fact that we would see her picking it from the garden or around the yard, our minds already registered […]


Nyemba Stew (Cowpeas)

Nyemba (cowpeas) are one  of our indigenous foods. They’re very nutritious and among other things can help with the management of diabetes, weight loss, a clean and healthy digestive system as well as detoxifying the body. There are so many different ways in which to prepare nyemba other than putting […]


Creamed Spinach with carrots

If you’re a lover of creamed spinach, you will definitely enjoy this here version that I have modified a little. The first time I had it was when my gran came to visit us when I was much younger and prepared it for us. To see the regular version of […]


Vegetable Fried Rice in a few…

There are times when you just want to prepare a quick and easy meal without taking anything away from it in terms of flavour and taste. It’s so easy to prepare rice in the same old way, all the time. I have here a very simple recipe that you can […]