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Lunch Box Ideas

Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Ham sandwich

This is one of my daughters’ favourite sandwiches. They especially love it with vegetable filling, e.g, cucumber, tomato, onion and lettuce! I love how I don’t have to struggle with them to eat their vegetables, they love them already! I guess maybe because since they were tiny tots vegetables were […]


How to make a simple Mince roll

These mince rolls have got to be the most easiest and simplest “sandwich”  you can prepare. They’ll be great for lunch, a light supper or an on-the-go snack. The mince is sweet yet has the savoriness  coming through. It’s also a great filling, something different and tasty at the same […]


How to make Hawaiian pizza

Pizza is one of those things that my girls and I make together every now and then.  This is our take on the very popular Hawaiian Pizza! We had great fun preparing it and the taste was simply delicious! To learn how to make pizza dough CLICK HERE. For the […]


Easy DIY Boerewors hot dog

The hot dogs we’re used to are those in which we use vienna sausages. They are pretty yum and so quick to make.  We’ve often had the hot dogs with boerewors when we go out. They are usually being braai-ed at shopping centres or certain supermarket entrances.  The taste is […]


How to make Cheese Sandwich in a Pan

If you’re looking for a different way to make your sandwiches then this is one of them. The bread is nicely toasted and not dry making it more appealing. It will be great for breakfast, as a snack, for lunch or as a lunchbox idea. Resources/Equipment You Will Need Heavy […]


Apples, peaches and more in a jar

I really enjoyed making these fruits in a jar. They will be perfect to carry along to work as your light, healthy lunch or snack. You can even pack this when you’re going on a long journey or a picnic or for the older kids (high school going) to take […]


Easy to make Coconut cupcakes

Coconuts are one of my many favored flavors, especially in baked treats. From cakes to cookies and these cupcakes. If you’re into hassle free recipes which produce delicious results then this is one of your best finds, especially if you’re fond of coconut! If you’re not then maybe after trying […]

Margherita Pizza

Quick and easy Margherita pizza

Full steam ahead with home made pizza! Making pizza doesn’t get easier than this Margherita pizza. You also don’t need many ingredients really. Just your pizza dough, tomatoes, salt, pepper, tomato paste or sauce and not forgetting the cheese! When I was making this pizza I only realised after I […]

All at once Lemon cake

All at once Lemon cake

This has got to be THE easiest and quickest cake I’ve made yet! As the name suggests, you just put in the ingredients all at once, give a quick mix and chuck put gently it into the oven and you’re done! It’s that simple. Works great when you’re feeling “super-tired” […]


Butterscotch biscuits

If you have been with me for a bit, by now you’ll know that I love me my biscuits/cookies and all those baked goodies to have with my cuppa! These here butterscotch biscuits are just as good. Every bite is absolutely delish and the great thing is that they don’t […]

Carrot and Apple salad

Carrot and Apple salad

Now this salad is simple and straight forward, if you could, you would even prepare it with your eyes closed! It’s also great as an anytime of the day snack and perfect to include in the meal plan of those watching their weight. You can also make this a lunch […]