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Curried Rice

Rice is one of the most popular starch dishes we eat as Zimbabweans. It’s therefore good to spice it up a little every now and then so there’s variety with your meals. This here is a lightly curried version. The kids loved it and so did everyone who ate it! […]


Garlic and Ginger Rice

This is one of my favourite ways to prepare rice. The flavours are just simply amazing and give a great boost to the rice in terms of taste. It’s absolutely a perfect variety to the usual plain boiled white rice, especially if it’s not the aromatic rice varieties.. As is […]


Fried Brown Rice (ready in 15min)

I love brown rice. It’s healthy, easy to make and very versatile. You can do pretty much anything with it…. just let your creative juices flow! What I’ve done here to make this fried brown rice is just a variation of how you can make it. You’re free to play […]

Coconut Rice

How to make Coconut Rice

This is a fairly simple recipe, don’t let the title make you think otherwise. It’s more like cooking plain white rice only that in place of water, you put the coconut milk and there you have it! If you’re a fan of coconuts, you will most certainly enjoy this. My […]

Yellow Rice with Currants

How to make yellow Rice (with currants)

Yellow rice is one of the popular starch dishes in Zimbabwean cuisine. I’ve had to make this one on special request. It’s pretty simple and there’s nothing to it really. Tumeric is the spice that does all the work and you just make your plain rice as usual. I usually […]


Rice salad with Lime dressing (vegan)

This may sound awkward to some, but you can most certainly turn your rice into a salad. Just toss in a few more ingredients and a delicious dressing and there you have it. For this you will need rice that is cooked already and you can learn how to cook […]


How to make plain white Rice

Rice was, and perhaps to a certain degree, for some, is considered as a “special” meal for Zimbabweans.  Back in the day it used to be a treat at weddings,  Christmas time or when special visitors arrive then rice and chicken stew would be served. However, nowadays, things have changed […]


Tasty Jollof rice originally from Senegal

This is a pretty interesting way of preparing rice. I must admit that whilst it was cooking I thought to myself;  “will this taste nice?” But surprisingly so, it actually did taste nice. My husband enjoyed it and so did my kids, though they said it was spicy. In my […]


Tasty Peanut and Banana rice

I know this sounds like a weird combination but it actually tastes good! The sweetness from the banana and the crunchiness from the peanuts combined with the soft rice all goes down well with the taste buds. For some it may be an acquired taste but it’s good and nutritious. […]


Pecan and Shallot rice (fantastic taste)

Experimenting, experimenting, experimenting! I think my middle name should have been experimenting, lol. Okay but seriously, most of the dishes that are there now that we love so much came about because someone was experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen. So it is with this recipe. Pecan nuts are one […]


Traditional Rice rineDovi (Peanut Butter Rice)

Rice rine dovi (with peanut butter) is very nutritious. It’s kinda unfortunate my eldest daughter does not really like it but I make her eat it anyway!  It is after all good for her 😉 I’m hoping she’ll acquire the taste and with time she’ll love it. It’s pretty easy to […]