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How to prepare beef stock

Stock, also known as broth is an indispensable ingredient for many recipes. It just brings in a certain dimension of flavour to the food, making it tasty. I love to use stock in many dishes including soups, sugar beans,  plain rice, jollof rice and many others, and it makes all […]

Sadza is ready!

How to make plain Sadza

Sadza is our most common food here in Zimbabwe. Not surprisingly so as it is our staple food! Every household partakes of sadza nenyama nemuriwo (pap, meat and leafy vegetables) almost every day, be it supper or lunch. It is also one of the first foods that babies are given, […]

Crispy fried collard greens

How to prepare muriwo weRape and having it crisp

This is one of my favorite green leafy vegetables. I believe it’s important not to overcook food more so vegetables because not only would the food become bland but you will also lose the nutritional value you are supposed to get from that food. This is why I prefer cooking […]


How to make fresh cream frosting (whipped cream)

Fresh cream frosting also known as whipped cream has in the past few years become the preferred icing on cakes and confectioneries over butter cream icing. Not that there is anything wrong with butter cream icing but fresh cream frosting gives a cake, cupcake or muffin a certain type of […]


How to make white sauce in 10 minutes

This is one sauce I love making, especially on those lazy days where I don’t feel like chopping tomatoes and onions for that traditional onion and tomato gravy! It’s quick, easy to follow and delicious too. So maybe it’ll also become your fav sauce/soup when that lazy mood hits you […]