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Simply Fried Zvikanganwahama (gizzards)

When was the last time you had zvikanganwahama – gizzards?! I enjoy them a lot and love to try out different ways of preparing them. This here is one of them. They tasted great, everyone enjoyed them. Don’t forget your relatives after/while eating these, as the elders from past generations […]


Mutakura (Boiled Corn and Peanuts)

Mutakura is one of the many snacks Zimbabweans enjoy to eat. It’s been a while since I did Mutakura on this blog.  There are different versions of mutakura, some that have nyemba (cow peas) nyimo (black-eyed peas), nuts and corn. These ingredients can be played around with to come up […]


Traditional Road-Runner Chicken Stew

The free range chicken (huku yepamusha) which is commonly known as road runner is a popular favourite among Zimbabweans. Back in the days, this would be slaughtered on special occasions such as Christmas or celebrations (mabiko) and  nicely fried and stewed to the enjoyment of friends and family. Though it’s […]


Luscious Mawuyu, Umkhomo, Baobab Fruit Cake

In my quest to create Zimbabwean desserts I decided to play around with what is  known as the African super fruit, our humble baobab fruit/ umkhomo/mawuyu. This fruit is a power pack of nutrition.  According to research, it has more vitamin C than you would find in an orange (three […]


Nyevhe Recipe (Spider Flower Leaves)

Nyevhe (Spider flower leaves), also known as Ulude in one of our official languages here in Zimbabwe is a dried leafy green vegetable, communally known as mufushwa. It was/is usually dried in a season where there are available in high yield so that when they are no longer in season, […]


Maputi aneNzungu (Roasted mealie pips and peanuts)

Now this is definitely one of our all time favorite traditional Zimbabwean snack. Generally this snack used to be done with people sitting around the fire, enjoying each other’s company. The two ingredients would be roasted mugango (a specialized heavy base roasting pan suitable for this as well as plain salted […]


Tasty Oxtail stew coated in spiced flour

I was with my dearly beloved grandmother over the weekend. We had a lengthy but definitely interesting talk on Zimbabwean foods. I gleaned quite a lot of information from her. In the conversation we also talked about oxtail and this is one of her signature dishes.  We all enjoyed eating […]


How to make your own Pizza base sauce

In the quest to make a hearty delicious pizza, I decided to try and make my own base sauce instead of using tomato puree which can sometimes be a bit too sharp in taste. I should say, I was more than well pleased with the results of this base sauce. […]

Creamy Beef

Creamy Beef Stew with muriwo (leafy greens)

This really was an experiment which could have gone really bad, bad, good or really good.  I was happy that it turned out to be really good and the family enjoyed it. Inspiration for this came from beef stroganoff and one of our Zimbabwean beef stew recipe commonly coined as […]