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Will you love Sugar Beans again?

Many of us know sugar beans from boarding schools or even Universities such as our UZ (during the hyper-inflation times). The memories associated with sugar beans from what I gather are not such pleasant ones. I never got the chance to be a border although I really wanted to become […]


Traditional mbuya’s tomato and onion soup

This basic soup is prepared in most households and is served with just about anything. From the most popular sadza or rice to potatoes and bread even. It’s so basic and easy to do but that doesn’t mean it should be running and you can so see every component or […]

Sadza is ready!

How to make plain Sadza

Sadza is our most common food here in Zimbabwe. Not surprisingly so as it is our staple food! Every household partakes of sadza nenyama nemuriwo (pap, meat and leafy vegetables) almost every day, be it supper or lunch. It is also one of the first foods that babies are given, […]


Mushroom flavoured Sadza

I know it kinda sounds crazy and maybe unheard of but yep… you can most certainly add a little flavour to your sadza (pap). Oh and it tastes good! You probably won’t be able to eat it with your lacto, but with any other relish you definitely can and will […]


Traditional Rice rineDovi (Peanut Butter Rice)

Rice rine dovi (with peanut butter) is very nutritious. It’s kinda unfortunate my eldest daughter does not really like it but I make her eat it anyway!  It is after all good for her 😉 I’m hoping she’ll acquire the taste and with time she’ll love it. It’s pretty easy to […]

Crispy fried collard greens

How to prepare muriwo weRape and having it crisp

This is one of my favorite green leafy vegetables. I believe it’s important not to overcook food more so vegetables because not only would the food become bland but you will also lose the nutritional value you are supposed to get from that food. This is why I prefer cooking […]


Roasted shelled peanuts (Nzungu dzaka kangwa)

I rarely do any recipe posts here on ZimboKitchen.com preferring rather to work in the background managing the site’s technology and business affairs. Well today am coming out of the woodwork to share with you one of my favorite snack recipe – nzungu dzaka kangwa – which is essentially roasted […]


Coated garlic flavoured Matemba (Kapenta)

Growing up Matemba was one of my least favored foods. This is apart from the fact that it is one of the most readily available brain foods in our in our Zimbabwean context.  In other words, Kapenta promotes the good health and functioning of your brain.  After experimenting and trying […]


How to make white sauce in 10 minutes

This is one sauce I love making, especially on those lazy days where I don’t feel like chopping tomatoes and onions for that traditional onion and tomato gravy! It’s quick, easy to follow and delicious too. So maybe it’ll also become your fav sauce/soup when that lazy mood hits you […]


Good old Nhopi (with butternut)

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]hopi is one of those healthy and really filling snacks that I like. Traditionally in the Zimbabwean context it is made using nhanga (pumpkin) but if that is not available (due to seasons or access) a butternut as in this case will work perfectly.This is one of the reasons why […]