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Bao-nana Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie was absolutely delicious. The whole family including my 1 year old now 4 year old daughter loved it. Not only is it tasty, it’s also very healthy. If you remember from my post of the luscious mawuyu umkhomo cake, baobab fruit is a super fruit. It has tremendous health […]


Simple Stewed Potatoes

These here potatoes are one of our common breakfast Zimbabwean dishes. Most of us have had this as a child  and have in turn gone on to prepare it for our own families and it goes on like that! It’s such a simple meal where you can attend to other […]


Dried fruit, nuts and seed muffins

I loved the results of the buttermilk strawberry cake and so I decided to do another recipe with my all time favourite snacks- dried fruit, nuts and seeds. The “nuts” I used here were almonds and my dried fruit cocktail included dried banana, guavas and raisins. Finally, there were some […]


Flourless Banana mini pancakes

This has to be the easiest “pancake” recipe ever! A friend of mine shared this with me and at first I was a bit skeptical to try it out, because I mean, it has no sugar, no flour, no milk, just two ingredients- banana and eggs! The taste was great, […]


Cheese scones by Kari

This is my grandmother’s recipe for cheese scones which I have tried this past weekend and they were easy and delicious! Requirements (for mobile viewers) 1 cup of self raising flour 1 cup of grated cheddar cheese ( cheese can be as strong as you like) 1/2 teaspoon salt Either […]


Potato and Parsley fritters

If you’re looking for a savoury something to have with your tea or as a snack during the day then these potato and parsley fritters fit the shoe perfectly! They are easy to make and take no time at all in preparing them too. However, if you want something a […]

Creamy scrambled eggs

Creamy scrambled eggs in 3 minutes

This is one of those quick and simple things that you can do for breakfast which can make a difference. Though slightly  different from the usual scrambled eggs, these taste just as good if not better! The great thing about them is that there isn’t much to them really and […]


Butterscotch biscuits

If you have been with me for a bit, by now you’ll know that I love me my biscuits/cookies and all those baked goodies to have with my cuppa! These here butterscotch biscuits are just as good. Every bite is absolutely delish and the great thing is that they don’t […]

Oatmeal cookies

Effortless Oatmeal Cookies

Now as I said when I was making the vanilla cookies, I love love love biscuits!! Especially at night when I want to have my late night cuppa! These cookies/ biscuits were just delicious, my family and I thoroughly enjoyed them and they were gone in 10 minutes after they […]

Corn and Cheese Fritters

Corn and Cheese Fritters

If you love sweetcorn and cheese you will most certainly enjoy these fritters. They are actually quite feeling too. Without saying much, let’s get right to it. Quick Instructions Get your eggs (2 eggs, lightly beaten), sweetcorn(1/2 can tinned sweetcorn, drained or fresh (about 150g) ) , flour (3/4 cup […]