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Addictive Masawu & Peanut Energy Bars

So my family has a thing for energy bars! I decided to do my own homemade version using masawu (a.k.a red date), chocolate, dried peaches and peanuts. They were just delicious, addictive actually! The best thing is that I knew exactly what I had put in them. Go ahead and […]


Mupunga unedovi (Peanut Butter Rice)

Peanut butter rice is one of my favourite dishes to prepare and eat of course!! My family also love it. It has become one of our traditional foods as it has been around for some decades now. The best thing about it is that you can serve it with just […]


Chihombiro (Chanterelle) Mushroom Stew

The Chihombiro mushroom, also known as Chanterelle mushroom is a delicacy. It has this fantastic peppery, meaty flavour. Not only is it delicious but also nutritious. Being a mushroom, it’s obviously a very good source of protein. Chihombori is known to contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that promote brain health, […]


How to make Baked Beans at Home

I was in one of the supermarkets the other day and as I was passing the dried beans section, something I hadn’t seen in a while was caught in the corner of my eye! Haricot beans!!!! I remembered them from my childhood when my mum used to make homemade baked […]


Rustic Pumpkin Pie

I’ve been seeing some pumpkins lately in the supermarkets. This is just one of the many ways you can play around with your pumpkin- turn it into a delicious dessert! The results are fantastic, you’re sure to enjoy! Preparing this took me down memory lane when my mum used to […]


Simple ZimboKitchen Detox Juice

I have been taking this detox juice almost everyday for sometime now and I can already feel the difference.The real plunge was inspired by a popular documentary (YouTube) I watched not long ago (you can also catch it on Netflix if you have access). It wasn’t about the craze of detox that inspired me, […]


(sponsored) Bee Well Honey & Ginger Lemon Tea

Just about everyone’s immune system is  susceptible to catching a cold or flu anytime time of the year. If you are like me and don’t fancy taking medication, home remedies are your next best option. Even if you love taking your meds, did you know that honey, through research, was found to […]


(sponsored) Spinach & Pilchards Omelette

Many of us have heard, read or been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some of the main reasons of why it is so are that breakfast  replenishes your supply of glucose as well as provide essential minerals and nutrients your body needs to maintain energy levels […]

Beef wraps

Shredded Beef & Veggie Wraps

I’m enjoying playing around with different fillings for wraps. If you’re tired of having bread everyday, try breaking the monotony with some wraps. The fillings are limitless, just get your creativity juices flowing. Equipment Wide plate Chopping board Sharp knife Medium sized pot Forks Tablespoon   Instructions Get your ingredients […]


Potato and Carrot Fritters

Everyone welcomes a different yet tasty little something they can enjoy, breaking away from the usual. These potato and carrot fritters are that “little something” you can try out! They are very easy to make a tasty too. You can have these with a cuppa or any other beverage of […]


How To Make a Snack Platter

Here is how to make a snack platter. Give your best to your visitors and with a lasting impression on top using a snack platter as an appetizer. This platter has meat balls, cocktail sausage rolls, chicken mayo sandwiches and vegetable samoosas. Here’s a quick guide on how to do […]