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Zviyo and Custard Rock Buns

These tea time, any time treats are absolutely delicious! You have got to try them! Don’t get hung of preparing sadza only with Zviyo (Finger Millet). There’s more you can do with it to enjoy this highly nutritious grain, beginning with these rock buns! Make sure you use zviyo that […]


Vanilla Sorghum Muffins

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy sorghum meal (mapfunde), look no further! Sometimes it’s so easy to get hung on using sorghum meal (hupfu hwemapfunde) for just Sadza. There are other ways in which you can enjoy it. These vanilla sorghum muffins are a perfect example. For them […]


Chocolate Pecan Brownies

These brownies are to die for!! They have 2 of my favourite ingredients- chocolate and pecans, yum!! As the holidays are approaching, these can be a great treat to add to the menu. There’s lots of time to practice so let’s get cracking. Get This Square baking tin Baking paper […]


How To Make a Snack Platter

Here is how to make a snack platter. Give your best to your visitors and with a lasting impression on top using a snack platter as an appetizer. This platter has meat balls, cocktail sausage rolls, chicken mayo sandwiches and vegetable samoosas. Here’s a quick guide on how to do […]


Cinnamon and Raisin Buns

These buns are quite tasty. They’re great to have on their own or with a cuppa, on a cold day, snuggled up in a blankie, watching TV or reading!! Easy to visualize that right? Well, these buns are fairly easy to make too. The kneading part may seem intimidating but […]


Mhandire Snack (toasted corn and groundnuts)

This is a very popular snack here in Zimbabwe, especially after nguva yekukohwa (harvest season). It’s common both in the rural and urban areas. There’s nothing much to the preparation though! It’s pretty simple. I know some usually soak the chibage (corn) overnight, but I soaked mine over some days […]

Royal Ocean Pilchards_ZimboKitchen

(sponsored) Pilchards Samoosas

Samoosas are an all time favourite for many people. The great thing about making samoosas is that you can put just about any filling you like. Here I used Royal Ocean Pilchards which are high in O-mega 3 fatty acids and also carry the Heart Healthy Mark Zimbabwe to create these tasty […]


Super easy baked Doughnuts

If you’ve ever hesitated making doughnuts because of the kneading involved then this recipe here is made just for you! You don’t need to knead anything here and the best thing is that the doughnuts are not deep fried but baked, which is a plus if you’re not so keen […]


How to make Spring Roll Pastry

Use this recipe for that lovely looking and tasting spring roll. Once done with the preparation you can use immediately or store in a freezer in a Ziploc plastic bag (or any tightly secure plastic bag) uncooked for later use. Equipment needed Mixing bowl Rolling pin Teaspoon Tablespoon Measuring jug […]

Zimbokitchen_Caramel and coconut muffins

Simple Caramel and Coconut Queen Cakes

These here queen cakes are super easy to make and they taste great too. You can easily whip them up in the morning and go with them to the office to enjoy with your mid-morning tea. You can also pack them in the lunchbox for the children. Or you could […]


Fun to make stella Sausage in pastry

My kids absolutely loved this quick fix. It works well for adults too as both my husband and I also enjoyed it. I served it as a light lunch. The great thing about it is that it takes just 35 minutes, more or less, to complete both preparation and baking. In […]

Homemade pies

Homemade Meat Pies from scratch

  Meat pies as they are known by many have a nostalgic attachment to them.. from back in the day! There’s nothing as wonderful as having the aroma of freshly baked pies fill up your kitchen. It gets everybody’s taste buds dancing and ready to partake! This here recipe is […]