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Creamy Chunky Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms are a great, quick cooking vegetable. I especially love this sauce. It’s absolutely delicious. You can have it as an accompaniment with almost any dish. It goes down really well topped on steak and maybe serve with some fries or mashed potato or even roast potatoes. You’ll be enjoying […]


Comfort Food: Mushroom and Leek soup

This is a really hearty, velvet-y and delicious soup. It will especially hit the spot on a cold or rainy day. What I also love about this soup is that it takes little effort to prepare but the taste is just amazing in your mouth! If you want it to […]

BBQ sauce

How to make barbecue (BBQ) sauce

This was a request from one of my readers for Barbecue sauce. It works well as a basting sauce or as an accompaniment.  But warning: it’s got a  LITTLE “chilli” kick to it, so if you’re not a fan of chilli or maybe if you’re going to have kids eating, […]

Honey and Soy Marinade

How to make Honey and Soy marinade

If you have never made a marinade before, well this one is more than easy to prepare in 5 minutes or even less you will be done. You can use it to marinade any meat or poultry dish you wish.  Let’s get started! Quick Instructions Put garlic in bowl, add […]

Step 1

How to make sweet and sour sauce

This is mostly an Asian accompaniment which is normally used for dishes such as sweet and sour chicken, sweet and sour pork and a few more. It can also be used as dip were you can have it with finger foods such as Samosas, chicken nuggets or even spring rolls. […]

ZimboKitchen cheese sauce

How to make Cheese sauce

Anyone who loves cheese will definitely enjoy this cheese sauce. It’s more or less the same as preparing white sauce which I personally love. You can use this cheese sauce for just about anything you wish – on your pasta dishes to even some of the meat dishes such as […]


Traditional mbuya’s tomato and onion soup

This basic soup is prepared in most households and is served with just about anything. From the most popular sadza or rice to potatoes and bread even. It’s so basic and easy to do but that doesn’t mean it should be running and you can so see every component or […]


How to make white sauce in 10 minutes

This is one sauce I love making, especially on those lazy days where I don’t feel like chopping tomatoes and onions for that traditional onion and tomato gravy! It’s quick, easy to follow and delicious too. So maybe it’ll also become your fav sauce/soup when that lazy mood hits you […]