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ZimboKitchen Mr Sauce Soy Product Review

Soy and Orange Roast Chicken

If you’re looking for a simple whole chicken recipe that’ll produce a chicken that’s nice and crispy on the outside whilst being juicy, and moist on the inside then this is it right here! Let’s not forget this all adds up to being delicious! The secret to achieving this is […]


Sweet Chilli Chicken Nuggets

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce These chicken nuggets are not only delicious but dead easy to make! Serve with some rice and steamed mixed veggie or broccoli or even with some roast potatoes and a salad. To give them a tasty kick, I turned to Mr Sauce’s Sweet Chilli Sauce. This became part of […]

Crispy Chicken Drumsticks

Crispy Fried Mr Sauce Ketchup Drums

#ZimboKitchenWithMrSauce Rarely do I stand first in line when it comes to deep-fried foods let alone making any. But when I do make some (which is no problem from time-to-time) I make sure to do them right with the goal of leaving many asking for more!  So it is here […]

Delicious creamy chicken

Delicious Creamy Chicken

The simplicity there is in preparing this creamy chicken dish makes it all the more inviting. This is over and above the idea that chicken is big just about everywhere. We humans eat chicken a lot. As such this calls for an effective quiver full of them chicken recipes. This […]


How to cook chicken stew (step by step)

Have you ever wondered how to cook chicken stew in a very simple way and yet the outcome will be delicious? This here is just the recipe! It’ll also be perfect when you’re exhausted and still need to put some food on the table! There are many ways to scrumptiously […]


Chicken & Eggplant Stew

Eggplant, also known as aubergine in other parts of the world (the purple egg-shaped vegetable) is one of those vegetables that if not prepared right you won’t enjoy it. Here is a quick and simple recipe I made, combining it with chicken. It was fantastic. And by the way, you […]


Delicious, Easy Creamy Chicken Pasta

This one right here can be a “treat yourself” meal if you’re watching the calories you’re taking in. It’s one of my family’s favourite meals, especially the children!! It’s absolutely delicious and dead easy to make. Nothing complicated about it at all. You may also check out pasta recipes with […]

Chicken wors and Vegetable Fried Rice

“Chicken wors” and Vegetable Fried Rice

So I bumped into a new product as I was doing my shopping – chicken wors! We’re all accustomed to Borewors (beef sausage), but this is Chicken wors, as the name implies, chicken sausage. My family and I were pleasantly surprised… it tasted quite good. I decided to make some […]


Irresistible Zvikanganwahama (Gizzards)

Gizzards (zvikanganwahama) are one of my favourite parts of a chicken. As been said, simplicity is the best sophistication. Such is the case with this recipe. There’s nothing fancy that we’ve done to these gizzards but the taste is just mwaaaah, finger-licking good! You have to give it a go. […]


Simply Sublime Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken

Although this dish is certainly not Zimbabwean, I enjoy making it. It reminds me of the first  “days” when my hubby and I were dating 🙂 We’d have Chinese food every now and then. There are obviously many ways to prepare this dish and this is one of them :D. […]


Baked Beef-Chicken-Pork Meatballs

I absolutely loved this combination of meats. It came out just great. The meatballs were delicious and the sauce just took them a notch higher. Do give them a go, I’m pretty sure they’ll be a hit in your kitchen! We’ll get straight into it. BTW…. I took the shots […]