Tasty Boerewors and Vegetable Stir-Fry

In Beef, Meats, Vegetables On May 24, 2016 6 Comments

This here is a quick do that can have a meal ready in 20-30 min. I love stir-fry because you can almost add anything!! If you’re looking for… Read More »


Mini Strawberry and Custard Scones

In Baking, Scones On May 17, 2016 3 Comments

These are wonderful to have with a hot cuppa something (tea, coffee or hot chocolate even). If you love scones then you’ll most certainly enjoy these. This recipe… Read More »


Wholemeal Sweet Chilli Chicken and Spinach Pizza

In Baking, Chicken, HowTos, Pizza On May 15, 2016 6 Comments

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes from making homemade pizza. The aroma that fills the kitchen and savouring the first bite make the work all worth it! This… Read More »

Zimbokitchen Madhumbe

Easy, fried Madhumbe (yams)

In Other, Vegetables, Vegetarian On May 6, 2016 5 Comments

Madhumbe (yams) are something I last ate in my childhood days! Maybe I could have had some in once or so in my adulthood but the point here… Read More »

Zimbokitchen Chocolate cake

Rustic Chocolate Mayo Cake

In Baking, Cakes On April 21, 2016 17 Comments

Naked cakes have become popular over the past couple of years. It’s basically a cake that is not completely covered with¬†icing and has a rustic kind of feeling… Read More »

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