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Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf

It’s always a treat to have baked goodies in the house. This lemon poppy seed cake is no exception. It’ll be great for dessert, in the lunch box, with tea or coffee, or even just as a snack. It’s simple to make, and the results are delicious! When baking, because […]


Zviyo and Custard Rock Buns

These tea time, any time treats are absolutely delicious! You have got to try them! Don’t get hung of preparing sadza only with Zviyo (Finger Millet). There’s more you can do with it to enjoy this highly nutritious grain, beginning with these rock buns! Make sure you use zviyo that […]

Egg Free Banana Cinnamon Loaf

Egg-free Banana Cinnamon Loaf

This is an easy to follow banana cinnamon loaf! In just 5 easy steps you’ll be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour! It’s perfect as an anytime treat with your hot beverage this winter, dessert with custard, or even as a lunchbox idea! The cinnamon powder adds a […]


Vanilla Sorghum Muffins

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy sorghum meal (mapfunde), look no further! Sometimes it’s so easy to get hung on using sorghum meal (hupfu hwemapfunde) for just Sadza. There are other ways in which you can enjoy it. These vanilla sorghum muffins are a perfect example. For them […]

Chicken Mince Fried Rice

Chicken Mince Fried Rice (Video)

This is a wonderful yet super easy dish to accomplish in no time. This is the dish that gives you the opportunity to utilize rice left-overs which tend to gradually accumulate in the fridge sometimes for weeks. If you know, you know. The approach to making this dish is very […]

zimbokitchen miri-piri roast potatoes

Miri Piri Roasted Potato Wedges (Video)

This recipe made roasted potato wedges very popular in my house! It is time for you to also try it. Join me as I make this absolutely scrumptious potato wedges recipe. It is super simple to make but the results are simply outrageously tasty. All you need to do is […]


Roasted Sausage and Veg

Sausage is one of those meats which are so easy to prepare in the same way ever so often. I have here  another simply way you can prepare it.  You can serve this with some rice, pasta or potatoes with some gravy or sauce.   Do This Get your ingredients […]


Honey & Soy Chicken Wings

I had a great time preparing these because I knew the flavours would marry well and the results would be fantastic! Have you ever had a hunch (when preparing something) that it would be awesome? Well, that’s how I felt when I was working on these wings. As usual, they […]


Bao-nana Bundt Cake

I simply love the banana and baobab fruits combination. There’s just something about it that makes your taste buds dance and want more of it! This cake was a hit. The children, hubby and hubby’s friend loved it!! The best thing about it is that is super easy to make. We’ll […]

Zimbokitchen Pilchards Wraps_ns

(sponsored) Tasty Pilchards Wraps

Wraps are one of my go to quick and healthy fixes for a light meal or lunchbox idea.  All the ingredients in this wrap complimented each other well. I used Royal Ocean pilchards which has been approved by the Heart Foundation of Zimbabwe to be great for a healthy eating […]


Cinnamon and Raisin Buns

These buns are quite tasty. They’re great to have on their own or with a cuppa, on a cold day, snuggled up in a blankie, watching TV or reading!! Easy to visualize that right? Well, these buns are fairly easy to make too. The kneading part may seem intimidating but […]

Royal Ocean Pilchards_ZimboKitchen

(sponsored) Pilchards Samoosas

Samoosas are an all time favourite for many people. The great thing about making samoosas is that you can put just about any filling you like. Here I used Royal Ocean Pilchards which are high in O-mega 3 fatty acids and also carry the Heart Healthy Mark Zimbabwe to create these tasty […]