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Cheesy Mince & Mushroom Parcels

Here’s a little tasty idea to kick start your New Year’s deliciously! I beefed up (pun intended) the filling using cheese, mushroom and Mr Sauce’s Beefy Burger sauce, as well as the spices & herbs of course. If you can’t access fresh basil, feel free to used dried basil, but […]

penne pasta

Sesame Fried Pork & Penne Pasta

This dish is simple, easy to follow, and absolutely tasty. I have been enjoying using Tammy’s range of Sesame oils. It all started with this Sesame Oil Chicken, which everyone enjoyed. Sesame oil is a great alternative oil to use, especially if you have allergies to the regular soy bean […]

Smokey BBQ Mince & Sausage Stew

Smokey BBQ Mince & Sausage Stew

If you’re looking for a stew that’s hearty, delicious, quick, and easy to make, this is it right here!! I simply love how the Smokey BBQ flavour comes through in this dish, and ties everything together. Although it’s technically a marinade, there are no rules about what you can, or […]

zimbokitchen chicken gizzards

Scrumptious Chicken Gizzards

Here we have one of Zim’s favourite – Gizzards- , fried, and then added to some fresh vegetables to compliment them. Serve this with Sadza, rice or potatoes even, together with some soup/gravy and more vegetables.  

Chicken Mince Fried Rice

Chicken Mince Fried Rice (Video)

This is a wonderful yet super easy dish to accomplish in no time. This is the dish that gives you the opportunity to utilize rice left-overs which tend to gradually accumulate in the fridge sometimes for weeks. If you know, you know. The approach to making this dish is very […]

zimbokitchen miri-piri potato wedges

Miri Piri Roasted Potato Wedges

These roasted potatoes are absolutely delicious! Running out of ideas on how else you can do potatoes is not an option! There are just so many ways you can enjoy them and this here is one of them. Simple, but oh so tasty! This time around I decided to use […]

zimbokitchen miri-piri roast potatoes

Miri Piri Roasted Potato Wedges (Video)

This recipe made roasted potato wedges very popular in my house! It is time for you to also try it. Join me as I make this absolutely scrumptious potato wedges recipe. It is super simple to make but the results are simply outrageously tasty. All you need to do is […]

zimbokitchen creamed spinach with carrot

Creamy Spinach with Carrot (Video)

Join me as we make this fabulous Creamy Spinach with Carrot. Whereas creamy veggies usually just come plain, today I am putting a spin to it with carrot. Yum! This is a super simple dish to make. There is really no need to have your veggies the same regular way […]

Better Buy Original Soya Delights

Original Soya Delights Mince Balls

Soya mince is pretty versatile, especially when you put your creative cap on! These soya mince balls will be a hit for meat lovers and non meat lovers alike, adults and kids alike! They are easy to prepare and tasty too.  You can serve them with a salad or with […]

Mr Sauce Miri Piri Chilli Sauce

Miri Piri Roasted Chicken Thighs

This chicken here turned out fantastic beyond my expectations. It had a harvest of amazing flavour and very tasty. I tip my hat to the new kid on the block that has joined the Mr. Sauce family- Miri Piri Chilli Sauce! Here is my review of this brand new product. […]

ZimboKitchen Mr Sauce Meatloaf

Mr Sauce Sticky BBQ Meatloaf

I have had the pleasure of taking the Mr Sauce products on a culinary ride the past few weeks and it has truly been a scrumptious ride! It all started with their Tomato Ketchup which I used to prepare some really amazing Chicken Drums. Followed by Worcester, Mustard, Tomato Sauce, […]

ZimboKitchen Mr Sauce Soy Product Review

Soy and Orange Roast Chicken

If you’re looking for a simple whole chicken recipe that’ll produce a chicken that’s nice and crispy on the outside whilst being juicy, and moist on the inside then this is it right here! Let’s not forget this all adds up to being delicious! The secret to achieving this is […]